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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[This Requestor is Anonymous]

The human mind is the domain of the Human. In fact, it's the most important domain you will ever have. Everything that goes on there, can be productively controlled.

The fears that hold you captive are all in your mind. You see their reflections in reality only because your mind is trained to seek them. What your mind seeks, your mind is guaranteed to find if you focus on it for years.

Turn inwards towards your mind. Control it, and teach it to work for you, to work with you. You have a grand destiny, beloved. This smallness that you create over yourself does not suit you. It is not appropriate for one such as you.

Sit in front of the sacred fires. Smoke the sacred pipe. Journey inwards by journeying outwards. If you will seek me, I will find you.

I will pour joy upon you. I will wash your face with tears of joy and renewal. I will let you swim with the fishes and know that I am there among them, as well. I will touch you with power and with joy, if you will seek according to the old ways of your people.

Find your totem animal. It will guide you to me, as is promised in the old lore.

Take back your heritage. Never hide it. Walk the sacred path.

It is time, and you are honored and beloved.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Doubter

The beautiful, amazing ones who very simply do not believe [in God].

They don't come to me [God]. They look, they listen, and they believe that those who claim the Messages to be true are lying. Fraudulent. Untrustworthy.

I [God] chuckle, because they say, "Prove it to me!" but they give me [God] no chance to do so!

In this case, your dear, beloved wife has created for you, a reason to have faith. This means that you are open to accepting the truth, but hadn't done so.

No, I'm not going to send a ghost to you, nor am I going to waste either of our time on silly things like loving you. (humor)

Shall we get straight to the point? After all, that's how you like it.

You believe that you're in trouble. You look around you, at your life in pieces around you. You're drinking, you're over eating, you're hating yourself and your life.

And you want out. I know your heart. I know the secret fears you harbor. I know how close you are to the edge, and I know that you want to take your life, but don't because you love your family.

I know that you are doing what you're doing in hopes that you'll die sooner, rather than later, and not have to feel guilty for it. Isn't that kind of silly, coming from a man who tells himself that he believes that there is nothing after death? Of course, you don't believe that, it's all bravado.

So, you ask me for answers. I gave you answers. They weren't the answers you wanted.

What do you have to live for? Children. A wife. A pet- or two.

Again, though, you already know this. The problem here, dear broken heart, is that you are asking the wrong questions.

Stop asking me what you have to live for. Stop asking me how I can expect you to live with this pain. Stop asking me why it's happening to you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Ask me instead, how you can find joy in life. Ask me instead, how you can regain your hope. Ask me instead, if you are loved.

Go ahead. Ask me. I will wait.

[Bracket comments added for clarification by the writer]

Ellen [Child's Message]

May I tell you a Story, dear? It's a Story about the lady who is writing this for you.

The Story is about a doggy that she was friends with. This doggy was a lovely one. She was what is called a black laborador. She was very, very loving, this beautiful doggy.

One day, the doggy got cancer. Our friend Amris (that's the Writer's name), was very sad. In fact, she was heartbroken. She begged and begged for her mommy to take the doggy to see the dog doctor, so the doggy would get better.

Every day, she asked. Every day, she was told they couldn't.

In the end, as should be expected, the doggy was allowed to die so that she would stop suffering.
Amris told god, "I will never own another dog. This hurt too much."

So, when it was time for the doggy to come back and love Amris again, God sent the doggy back as a kitty. And how Amris loved that kitty! She snuggled the kitty. She held the kitty. She petted the kitty. She looked into the pretty kitty's eyes.

And she never knew that it was her doggy, back to love her again.

Sometimes, people ask me if pets have souls. Of course pets have souls. Ask any kid, you guys know, don't you? Humans need creatures with souls to be friends with. Which of course, is obvious to you.

The souls of the pets always know their beloved, dear friends. If you will let him, your pet will come back to you. Maybe in a different way, but that soul, the dear beloved pet, loves you dearly.

You already knew that, didn't you?

You are dearly loved.


What is a cage for a Songbird? Sorrow. Regret. But most of all, Fear.

Delightful, beautiful little songbird. The door of the cage is open. I would never imprison you thus. The songbird that flies free sings all the more beautifully because it comes back every day by free will.

The door is open. I invite you to walk out. Fly to my shoulder, and I will carry you. Fly to me, and I will gently caress your soft, sweet feathers.

Fly to me, out of the cage of bitterness and loneliness.

We will walk together in the scented garden, among the flowers of joy, hope, peace, light, and love. They are beautiful and fragrant, each and every one. But none compare to the beauty of the songbird set free.

Come, little songbird. Sing with me.


A quiet mountaintop, where the stars are so close that you could pluck them from the sky. Serene, untouched by progress, unmarred by technology.

I felt your peace that day. I felt your gentle love for me. Did you think you were alone? Dearest, you are never alone.

I watched you with great pride. I watched you with tender love and compassion. I gathered your tears, the currency of the cosmos. And I held you in my wings as you cried.

When the darkness covered the land below, when the lights came up, and the wind was chill, I was still there. I still sat with you. I still held you. I did not get tired.

And when you descended from the mountain, looking out the windows of the jeep, I ran beside you. I waved, and you smiled. I believe you felt my love for you, as you left that sacred place, didn't you?

Through all the long years since, I have never left you.

I've stood beside you in the garden. I've stood beside you at the school. I've stood beside you at the birth. I've stood beside you at your wedding. I rang the little silver bells for you, and your smile when you heard them made my heart sing with blissful joy.

I walked beside you when your heart broke. I was closer to you then, than ever before. I washed you with my love. I held your broken heart, which glittered like precious diamonds.
I gathered up all the tears that you wept, through the years, when you missed me.

I held them when you raised your hands to the heavens.

I cried with you. I loved with you. I laughed with you.

And always, I held you. Always.


Don't children love the Thanksgiving Parades? In fact, most children love all Parades, don't they?

Sometimes, though, there are other kinds of parades that aren't quite so pleasant.

Like the litany of angry thoughts that walk through your mind on a daily basis. Dearest, you were not meant to hurt in this manner. You were not meant to hold such sorrow.

You are a vessel of light and joy, not dark and pain.

Your thoughts are a black parade that shrouds your life in darkness and despair.

Please let your hope shine into the secret places in your mind. Those places that you don't let anyone see because you think they are part of you.

They are NOT part of you! Let me say that again. These dark places are NOT part of you! They are not part of you!

You have allowed them in. You have embraced them. Let them go. Let them fly free and unfettered, away from you and into the Sun.

Imagine them as black butterflies, which, when released, fly up into the air and transform into their true beauty. Into the creatures of light that they were meant to be from the beginning.
From the moment of your birth.

Dear one, beloved. This is not who you are. You are so much more- yet so much less. You are so much more loving- and so much less dark.

Anger has its roots in pain. Let the pain see the light, and the anger will be washed away like so much dross from the precious gold.

The pure, unblemished gold of your magnificent soul.

Happy Birthday, Human!

The celebrating of the birth day.

Do you really understand what this is all about?

It is the day your soul leaves the ether and joins the bodily expression. It is the anniversary of the day that you become one of the Grand Ones. It is the day that everything changes.

On this day, many years ago, you came to a whole new experience. No one has ever, will ever, or can ever have the exact experiences you have in this lifetime.

In every single way, this is a one-way journey. And it all started with birth.

As you burst from your mother's womb, into the World for all to see, you looked out with new eyes. With a new perspective. From a place of tremendous, indescribable honor.

You were here. You had come to be. To be you. To be alive. To be joyful.

You are a human being all of these things. You are a human being the growth and hope of the Universe.

Of all the anniversaries, this one is the most sacred to us. This ritual of expressing joy at your arrival in this place is the most valued, because it is the one closest to Home.

You see, there are two events in your life that cause immense activity on our side. When you are born, we gather in numbers untold, to watch the mighty human descend into the layers of Being Human. We surround you as you lean into the winds of Birth. We ask you, with solemnity, dignity, and great weight, "Are you sure? Are you ready?"

And with tremendous joy, on that day, beloved, you shouted in a voice that blazed across the heavens with intensity, ecstasy, and resounding resolve, "I am ready! I am absolutely certain!"

And from the edge of the great river of life, you leaped! You rushed along the current, and the last words we ever heard from you before you arrived for your birth were, "I'm coming, dearest, beloved family, I am coming!!"

So great was the joy in those words that they washed over us in a great wave, like what your people call the tidal wave or the tsunami. And there was dancing, and there was laughter, and there was honor, and there was joy among us. We celebrated you, the brave, beautiful, magnificent human!

And the Spirits of your family were there with us, and their spirits roared with eloquent and powerful pride. They were thrilled to have been chosen by this Great, Grand, Beautiful, Prized Human Being.

The Human Being born.

One of the greatest and grandest days in all of creation. The day a Human is Being born.

The day that you were born, Beloved One.


Everything the humans do starts with their hands, it seems like, doesn't it?

Writing with their hands. Creating things with their hands. Sensing the world with their hands. Grasping things and putting them in their mouths with their hands.

Hands for humans are sort of like keyboards for computers. Not a lot gets accomplished without them.

What suffering can come from not having them, or if they are crippled?

Take care of you hands, dear one. They are the interface between you and the world. They are the movement between you and others.

If you want relationships repaired, use your hands. Touch is the greatest of healers. This is why your hands are so important, and must be protected. Reach them out to your lost love.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A caress is worth a billion.

And then some...

Linda on the move

Beloved, if hearts could fly, no one would be able to catch yours! I wonder where it would end up?

Do you remember the old windmill? I hope you never tried tilting with it! (humor) What a wonderful book. Don't you think you should read it? Don Quixote.

Because while you never tilted the old windmill, you do so seem to enjoy the many you are tilting with now.

Do you know that the fastest animal in the world is actually the peregrine falcon? When stooping on its prey (falling on it to catch it), the peregine will fall at over 200 miles per hour. I made its bones perfect to withstand this impact.

Have you ever seen the blue footed boobie dance with his mate? Does he look silly to you? Good. It is wonderful to see the humans laugh. He is perfect for his purpose.

I have said it so often, but I repeat it again here for you, dear one.

You are perfect as you are. I did not make a mistake. You are dearly loved.

You are beautiful. You are compassionate. You are full of grace. You are accepting of others. You are aware. You are doing your best.

What's not to love?


So, if I were to tell you a story, what story would it be?

What about your story? I like that one very much. There is, of course, one problem with it. I don't know how the story ends. Maybe if I start it, you will write the rest?

Once upon a time (is there another way to start a story?), there was a beautiful Sun. The Sun decided that it would like to visit the Earth. So, it went to visit the Earth. When the Sun arrived, it saw all the people.

"How wonderful it must be to be human!" the Sun said to itself. And so, it became one.

But the Sun liked to shine. The humans didn't understand, and told her not to do that anymore. So she didn't. The Sun liked to watch others. The humans didn't understand that, either, and told her not to that anymore. So she didn't.

The Sun liked to kiss the flowers, and help them grow. The humans thought that wasn't a worthy pursuit, and told her not to do that anymore. So she didn't. She liked to embrace the creatures of the world, to heal and help them. The humans thought that was not a worthy pursuit, either, and told her to leave the creatures alone. So she did.

So tell me, sunshine. What will you do now? How will the rest of your story be written?

Know that you are loved, Sunshine.


Being a mother can be one of the grandest adventures in the human experience. It is a special, and unique experience, as is being a father. It's okay to love being a mother, it's okay to plant your feet firmly upon the ground.

Oh, there are lofty ideals for women in your society. Run corporations, climb mountains, soar to the top of a career.

But being a mother is like living in fields of flowers. For all the loftiness of other ideals, for all the grand clamouring to be "more, bigger, better, faster, stronger," at the end of the day, everyone has to have a mother.

And what a glorious blessing it is, when the child arrives home, and is embraced. Warm, loving, accepting, the mother to the child.

Is your child's shoes the wrong brand? Does she need an Ipod™, a cellphone, and all the other trappings of modern society? Do you carry guilt for these things?

Let the shame pass away. One day, the knowledge will come to her. She will realize that you were there to meet her. To greet and love her. To catch her tears. To lift up her face and look lovingly into her eyes.

To love her, to nourish her, to nurture her, and to give her hope and teach her grace.
Sometimes, she already knows, doesn't she.

You are dearly loved for the work you are doing.


Out of darkness and despair can come new joy, profound hope, and an enlightened state.
But only if the human turns to a greater love for God.

It is interesting, however, that up til now, the humans have been putting the chicken before the egg. (humor) You see, the human leaders claim that adversity turns people back to God, that this is the intent of adversity, in fact.

Such is not the case. Human, you are free to turn from God. It is an honored choice. You are honored and revered, even if you turn from God.

God is not less loving than you are. God does not seek your love by tormenting you! God does not seek your love by torturing you! Let it never be so!

Are the dark times a test? Yes. But not of your love. Not of God's love for you. You are answering the single most important question in the universe every single time that you face pain of any kind in your life.

What question? "Will life seek God if God seems absent, or will life embrace the darkness?"
Over and over again, time after time, you have answered the question. Every single time, you have sought God. You have withstood everything that has been sent to you, and you have loved God.

And you have been sorely tested. You have been wounded in unimagineable ways. You have walked paths where darkness lurked all around you.

Not once, not a single time, have you failed the test. We watch you in awe. We cannot even imagine what you have experienced, because you are the Human. Human experience is unique in all the reality of existance. It is remarkable, unfathomable to us.

We walk among you, and we serve you. We support you. We are always, eternally, near you. There are hosts of angels who stand around the Earth at all times. We outnumber you by so many that you do not have a number in your vocabulary for it.

This is what kind of service the humans command. This is the level of your power, the importance and grandness of your choice. There is amazement and wonder here. You are "the talk of the town," and have been for many centuries of your time.

And you, human. Dear one. Beloved. Honored and revered worker. Every single time, you have held onto hope. You have embraced the gifts of God. You have turned from the darkness, shunning it. You have honored and loved God.

Did you think this was unnoticed?? How could that be possible? It is the single most important question in all of existance!

And you have answered it correctly. Every. Single. Time.

You are dearly loved, and more.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

[This Requestor is anonymous]

How does one drive when looking only in the rearview mirror? If you would run free like the stag or the wild horse, you must be looking forward. And no, my dear, sideways like the little crab scuttling back into the water of history will not serve you, either.

There is much to be interested in, about the past. But this, my beloved, is a trap. It is a snare that holds you back from your life today.

If you would live more fully, if you would reflect joy rather than regret, your heart will soar with joy, your life will alter forever, and your heart will sing the greatest song ever heard.

The music of the past was beautiful. Poignant, powerful, magnificent. But you were made to write new music. Music that soars. Music that changes everything. Music that goes out into the world like a mighty klaxon of hope and change.

Your music will be beautiful, dear one. Your music will rise to the stars like brilliant diamonds of sound.

Write the music of your soul, not the music of souls long passed into the beyond.


[This requestor has a specific desire to hear about "******"- name protected]

Sometimes, those of us in service to the humans make the decision to join you in more tangible ways. It is a great honor to walk in the world as a human. Indeed, the humans have done so much for the cosmos that you are revered here!

Remember that everything is as it should be, and nothing is as it seems to be.

Sometimes when you feel a loss, you have actually had an incredible gain. It takes time to prepare for a closer walk with God, doesn't it? When it is time to soar, as a butterfly, you must first make your appearance in the cocoon. Then, it takes time for your wings to dry.

But at last, you can burst free, winging up into the sky. Joining the other perfect, exquisite butterflies, and leaving your own mark of beauty upon the world.

There is no cauldron into which I throw broken souls. These are the souls most blessed, and most in need of love.

Do you think that you are better at loving than I am?

Friday, February 23, 2007

(This Requestor is anonymous)

What is faith? Do you remember telling me that you have no faith? That you cannot make great things happen because your faith is small?

Dear one, you have plenty of faith! Your faith is limited only by your decision not to have it. It is like someone carrying around a bucket of water, and crying out that they are thirsty. 'If you are thirsty, then drink from the bucket of water you carry!' others will tell him.

He looks at the bucket, percieves that it is empty, and thinks the other insane. But the problem is that he does not understand what water is.

As you do not understand what faith is. Faith does not take work! It feels like joy. It feels like bliss. It feels like ecstasy. Faith and love are intertwined. If you love something, you have faith in it.

If you wish to have faith in me, love yourself.

You see, if you wish to make decisions and know the right answer, you must be in love with yourself first. All the answers must come from your intuition. The more you love yourself, the more clearly you hear your intuition.

What one is honestly saying when they cry out that they have no faith is that they don't love themselves or trust themselves enough to listen to their own intuition.

They fear they will lie to themselves. They think they lack faith, but there isn't a human who has ever existed, exists now, or will ever exist, that lacks faith.

You can lack self love, but never faith.

If you would find your faith again, begin to love yourself. For I love you. I love you beyond what your words can say, your mind can imagine, or your heart can hold.

I adore you, because you are beautiful. You are amazing. You are perfect. I look at you, and I behold a radiance that blots out the sun.

You are worthy of the greatest love of all time. You have the greatest love to give of all time. What a coincidence... (loving humor)

(This Requestor is anonymous)

Everything in this world is beautiful to us. We see it all differently than you do. Of course, this is no surprise to anyone. But you can start to see it as well.

The dear writer has a cat which, to other people, looks broken and distorted. The sweet cat was injured when small. One side of her face is nonfunctional. She at first could not close her distorted eye, nor can she move her ear on that side even now. When she closes her eye now, she uses the wrong lid. Others sometimes find this to be unpleasant.

Yet, the dear writer has faced literal physical danger to rescue the cat. She has brought the cat far away from its birthplace, on a long ride during which the cat was ill several times in unpleasant ways.

Why would she do this for what other people think is such an ugly thing?

The simple and short answer is, "love." This is a correct, and expected answer.

But it is more complicated than that. It is her perception with changes the cat from hideous to beautiful. People see only what they want to see. Some look at the physically perfect, and see beauty. When in fact, that person is choosing to be in a spiritually ugly place.

Now, when we look at you humans, we see you only as the potential being that you are. It is impossible for us to see anything but beauty in every single human being. It is not possible for any human, ever, to be ugly.

It is simply impossible.

What IS possible, however, is for a human to believe they are ugly. When you meet fellow humans, you present yourself to them as an ugly person. On a spiritual level, it would be impolite for them to argue with you. So, when you present yourself to them as ugly, they accept it as YOUR TRUTH.

When you realize and recognize that all I can see is your beauty, despite the presentation that you choose, you will find that you can look in the mirror and see a whole different being. When you meet other people, they will see a whole different being.

Because it is impolite to see a being who knows they are beautiful as ugly.

There are many platitudes that humans give to each other. "The beauty within is what counts," etc.

This is true, but not in the way it is taken. The beauty YOU SEE within is the beauty that counts. Not the beauty of your personality, but the beauty of your body. If you can see yourself as you REALLY are, you can be so phenomenally beautiful that you will "stop traffic," and it will be a real beauty.

From a spiritual perspective, there is no such thing as an ugly human. Your science now understands that spirituality is reality. Your science has seen that all matter is, is energy. That all energy is responsive to the human mind.

Go into the still quiet place in your mind, and see your reality. Stop going to the mirror and seeing what you have invented.

You are beautiful. It is impossible to be anything else, because you are human. One of the honored and great ones. The amazing, incredible beings who are doing a great work.

Love yourself. Admire yourself. We do.

scbegonias' unborn child (in utero)

What a wonderful, amazing time to join the world!

What magnificent, incredible things you will discover! The times in which you will live will be unique in all of history. You will grow old in a time when the world will look completely different than it does now.

And you will have a grand place within it. When you are old and the life is beginning to slip away from you, you will look out the window and say, "How the world has changed. It is so beautiful. God bless the ancestors who brought us to this place in history."

The sun shining through the window will dim, and the voices of angels will welcome you home. You will tell stories of your family, you will speak of times gone by.

You will speak of prophecies, ancient and admired. Prophecies that never came to pass, because the humans excelled.

And your memories will be of an incredibly beautiful world.

The time is at hand for you to do that for which you came.

Your mother's intuition will tell her when to speak of this to you. It will be sooner than she thinks, but later than you expect it. All will be well. Today is the day.

scbegonias' daughter

Do you like to draw? Do you like to make things?

Do you see prettiness in things that other people don't even notice?

You are an artist, aren't you, dearest?

Did you know that sometimes, God makes people who are only supposed to help other people see beauty? You're one of those people. Your job is to help make other people happy by making pretty things for them.

You already do that for mommy and daddy, don't you?

No matter what happens, you keep doing that. It is a very special gift that you are giving to the world. You are strong enough, and smart enough to start learning right now how to draw and make things.

That is the special gift that God has given to the children of this unique time in history. That you can start early in understanding what you wish to do with your life.

If helping others see beauty makes you happy and brings you joy, you keep doing it.

Will you hug your mommy for me, and tell her Thank You?

Now, your daddy, too.

scbegonias' husband

Many people believe that there is a grand "crossroads" in life. That this is a day where, upon arrival at it, you must make a choice. They believe that this choice is the determinant of the rest of their entire life.

But the truth is, there are countless intersections in your life. And as you move down each new road, you forge the way into your future, a future that has endless possibilities.

Within these possibilities are more possibilities. One might look around at their life and feel stuck or feel trapped. When this happens, it is nice to know that, at any time, you can choose to begin enjoying your life, within the framework that already exists.

There is a chemical that the human brain emits when it encounters new things. It's an exciting, pleasant chemical. It makes you happy, but it can also be scary. It is interesting that, despite the pleasure of this chemical, humans so easily fall into patterns of mundane tasks and complacency.

If you ever want to regain the excitement, if you ever want to feel alive again, if you want to feel free... take up a new hobby. Take up a new adventure. Meet your wife again for the first time. Take your children somewhere they've never been, and play with them.

Life is not meant to be a burden, dear one. It is meant to be joyful. It is meant to fill you to overflowing with excitement and zest. It is supposed to be all about experiencing. And aren't great feelings much better to experience?

Yes, there are responsibilities. No one wants or expects you to let them go. You know this. But within the framework of those responsibilities, there can be joy. There can be comfort and love.
That is the whole point of the family unit! To bring lessons, and love.

Teach your children about you. Teach your children to do something new. Take them skiing, take them camping, go hiking, learn to paper mache or do origami.

Find the joy right where you are. It is all I ever wanted for you.


A pitch black sky. In that sky, no moon. No clouds. Only stars.

One particular star gleams more than the rest. Its light like a gem of the finest quality. Elegant, eloquent, gleaming.

"Star light, star bright, first star I've seen tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight." Child's rhymes? Or perhaps something more?

Your star is oppressed by the comments of others. Your heart heavy with fear. You are caught in the tangled web of others' fears. At times, you feel desolate, alone, lost.

You have told me that you are weak, afraid. You are wrong. You are strong. The mighty lioness hunts to feed her children. She eats first, because she needs her strength if everyone is to survive in the pride.

Do you understand? Can you see the priority? Can you imagine why you must take care of yourself first?

You are the keeper of the time. Before you say that there is not time for you, remember, for all things you deem important, you will make time.

So do so, before the light of the star is snuffed out.

The stars guide the lost. If one star is gone, the lost are lost forever.


Oh, my little modest one. When the larks sing for you, you dismiss it as fantasy. When in the presence of ones you view as grand, it is so difficult for you to speak!

You have a keen intellect. Sharp and wise. Often, those that you precieve as better than you, are, at best, your equals.

But, you hide away your brilliance. You present it to others as a dull, tarnished rendition of what truly lies beneath.

You are infinite, child. Your mind is expansive, your thoughts are wise and divine, your compassion a gentle, colorful light in the absence of all other light.

This road of humility is not your road. It has been pressed upon you, in order to see what you will do. Will you break free? Will you raise up and grasp your birthright?

Or will you remain as you are for an entire lifetime, denying the world of a magnificent gift?

If I may say so, this false humility does not suit your integrity. It is a lie. You tell others that you are small and dumb in order to appease them so that they will not feel bad to not be as grand as you.

This is dishonesty. Have you considered that?


So, almost all your life, you've heard that you have healing hands, haven't you? And when you touch people, or even small animals, it appears to be true, doesn't it?

You've gone along with it. It makes sense, does it not? But it doesn't feel quite right, does it. It is not your hands, in particular, which are healing to others. It is your grand mind, and your beautiful heart.

Consider this. If you were to run your feet over them, instead of your hands, you would get the same result. Aside from the smell complaints. (humor)

Because the healing does not rest in your hands, dear one. So what does this mean to you, and to the child you carry? It means that both of you can heal others from a distance.

The power of your healing can be carried to another without you being there. The power of your healing is present where your intent is. You were born before the new energy. This is why it would not work before.

But the new energy has arrived. The doors are all opened. There is nowhere in the world that you cannot reach with simply the intention to do so...

Stand up. Pick up your gift. Go forth and let it go out into the world like a gentle dove.
Those who choose to accept it will be profoundly changed forever.

(As it happens, Victoria is pregnant- a fact unknown to me prior to the giving of the Message)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I just wanted to take a moment to give my sincerest gratitude to those who have so generously donated to me. It really helps me a lot, and is deeply appreciated.

I know that not everyone can do it, and that's why the Messages are free.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Eamonn (child)

Do you like stories? Is it okay if I tell you a story?

Buzzo was a squirrel. He was small and quick.

Buzzo was a brown squirrel, not a red one. Buzzo's mommy and daddy were red squirrels. In fact, every grownup Buzzo knew was a red squirrel, and all of the baby squirrels were brown.

But sometimes, when Buzzo's mommy and daddy looked at him, he looked like he was black.

Other times, Buzzo looked like he might be green.

If Mommy and Daddy looked at him just right at night, though, Buzzo looked like he might be red.

One day, Buzzo was very sad. He told his Mommy, "Mommy, I don't belong. The only other brown squirrels are us kids. And even though I love them all very much, I wish sometimes that I was more like you."

Buzzo's Mommy picked him up and sat Buzzo in her lap. She said, "Buzzo, dearest. You are the handsomest little Brown Squirrel I've ever seen.

"Sometimes, you are a lovely shade of green.

"Other times, you are a handsome black.

"At times, you look red, just like me.

"No matter what color you are, no matter how often you seem to change, there's one thing I always know."

Buzzo was very curious. "What is that, Mommy?"

And Mommy replied, "Buzzo, dearest. No matter what color you are, you are always Buzzo, and I always love you."

And Buzzo was very happy. He no longer needed to be like the grown ups, because he was accepted, no matter what color he was.

And so are you.

Fallon (child)

Hello, sweetheart.

Don't you think that Earth is wonderful fun? Isn't it a magical place?

Oh, I know, you are ready to be all grown up. You've got a lot of work to do, don't you?

Listen, dear, you can begin your work now. Did you know that? This is a special gift for those of you who are children now. Would you like to know what to do? How to begin?

It all starts by talking with me. Can you sit quietly for a few minutes each day, sit up tall and straight, and by yourself, and ask me what to do today? Can you sit quietly for a few moments, with your eyes closed, and just tell me everything you are thinking?

If you talk to me, I will hear. And if you will do this, your soul will grow quickly. By the time you are old enough that your society allows you to speak, your words will have power. They will be heard clearly by everyone.

Can you do that? Can you remember to do it every single day? Of course you can. If you ask your parents to help you remember, they will. If you can remember without their help, that is just fine, too.

But there is something else that you can do every day that is also important, and will help the world be a better place. Can you guess what it is? I bet you could.

You can play! Be the VERY BEST 4 year old that you can be! In this lifetime, you only get to be 4 years old one time. Only once, and then it's gone!

Don't try to be 5 yet. Don't try to be a grown up. Do your VERY BEST to ENJOY being four years old! Do your very best to be happy being four years old!

When you are 5, you will be different, yes. You already know that. But dear, you won't be 4 any more. And being 4 is special. It is different from 3, and different from 5. Don't waste it by wanting to be something else!

Be proud that you are four years old, being four years old is important!

When you are five, it will be special to be five. But not until then.

Because where you are right now is the best and most wonderful place for you to be. And your mission in life is to find what's wonderful about it!

Can you do that? Of course you can. Of course you can.

rainbow dancer

While the writer prepares herself to hold my love for you, I wish to tell you that your name is apt, not only for where you are, but for where you've been as well.

Dear one, would you expect me to be light-hearted with you? Would you expect me to match your pleasant mood and to be joyous?

I am filled, truly, with joy at your presence. But I am also touched with profound solemnity and tender reverence. I do not wish to chase the smile away from you, but I do wish to let you know the weight, the depth, the truth of my deep, abiding love for you.

You live constantly in a light and joyous place. It is a beautiful and perfect place. You carry it with you everywhere. People see you and smile.

But you have known for a long time now that, when I see you, I do not smile. It is not what you think. There is no disapproval in me towards you. There is no desire to see you doing otherwise than you already are. You are on the right path, and you know it.

I do not smile because I revere you. I do not smile because the weight of the honor I experience when I visit with you is so powerful, so profound, so heavy, so beautiful.

Oh, beloved, you are dearly loved. So dearly, so deeply, so sincerely.

I am proud of you. I am so very proud of you. I am proud of you!

Oh, dearest, dainty and beautiful one. Your soul is as light and delicate and magnificent as the rarest butterfly.

It moves me to awe.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Ah, my dear. You are the master of dance and laughter. Did you know that? You are so joyful! I love to be in your presence, to watch in awe and wonder as you look at the world. Every day, your eyes are new! Did you realize it? Are you aware?

Come, my love, and dance with me! Dance with me and I will show you the way. Laugh with me, and I will light the path. Your eyes will see, if you will but dance again with me.

(I'm sorry, sometimes they are long, sometimes very short. I'm not getting anything more here.)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Message use

I will be compiling a book of Messages. Unless specified "Please do NOT use my message," it will most likely go into the book.

I am grateful to those that allow me to use their messages in this way, as they then have the power to go out and touch others. However, I honor the fact that sometimes, we need to feel as if we alone are being spoken to.

That is honored, as well, and is not wrong.

(This requestor is anonymous)

Do you know, your soul reminds me of a jade figurine, or perhaps the tail of Haley's comet.

They seem like very different things, don't they. They're really not. They are both fabulously beautiful.

You see, your words cannot describe the all-encompassing beauty of the human soul.

The beauty of your soul is made up of so much more than light, color, and sound. It is made up of things profound, things that you don't even have senses to sense while you are humans.

But oh, the music of your soul, dear one! It is amazing. It is awe-inspiring. It calls to us, summons us, like the sirens of human mythology. The harps of angels cannot even grasp a tenth of the beauty and wonder of the music of your soul.

Do you feel cut off from it right now? Do you seek to reconnect to enough of that music to draw it out into the world again? Do you sit and stare hopelessly out the narrow windows, searching for the song that seems to have abandoned you?

Does it seem as if you are broken?

Dear one. You will not find inspiration indoors. You will not find inspiration keeping yourself away from others. You will not find hope or joy so long as you dedicate yourself to despair.

The world is changing, beloved. It is no longer appropriate for the artist to suffer sorrows in order to draw nearer to their talents. It is no longer necessary to hold yourself apart.

Make new soul music, beloved, dearest one. Make new, joyful, harmonious, magnificent sounds. For the world is finally ready for you. The world is finally ready to receive what you have to give. The world is finally prepared to hear and to LOVE your music.

The music of your soul, that reaches out into the void and grasps hearts, bringing them joyfully home from where they were lost.

Today is the day. Now is the time. They are ready.

Regarding Death

Days before you will die, it is known to us. It causes quite a stir here. The angels begin to gather. The nearest ones arrive first. The furthest ones hurtle towards the gathering place with all haste, leaving in their wake a trail of energy that shouts for all to hear, "The human named [ ] is returning!"

Others come across this energy, and whatever business they were about is set aside for a moment, and they, too, race for the gathering place.

Excitement, anticipation, joy abound in the place made sacred now. It must be raised high enough in energy for the grand one, the magnificent one about to arrive!

"Oh, hurry, hurry!" they say to each other, as they prepare the sacred place, "she's nearly here!" The ones who arrive first begin the process, and the others join in, in a flurry of wings and hands and brilliant colors.

As the anticipated time draws near, a great hush falls over the crowd. In this place are gathered trillions upon trillions of angels. Bright, beautiful, wonderful, ready and waiting to receive the human.

At last, after what seems to them to be an eternity, the human BURSTS forth, and the entire sky turns to rainbow hues of their name. The name of the arriving human floods the gathering place, and beams out beyond it. The chorus of their name sings into that place, and a collective gasp goes up as the energy of death blazes brilliantly into the sacred place.

A wave goes out across the crowd, a murmur of admiration and wonder. "Oh, isn't the human BEAUTIFUL?!" they exclaim. "Isn't he fantastic?!" "How amazing, how gorgeous!"

Then, they wait again, and a profound and indescribable silence falls. And the human begins to speak. She tells her story. The human story. And the angels listen in awe, and wonder.

He speaks of each and every person he ever encountered, by their full, heavenly name.
"I once met Joe at the bus stop. I did not know him."

Someone in the crowd exclaims, "But Joe is your dearest and bestest friend! How could you possibly not recognize him??"

And someone else in the crowd, with a smile, says, "That is what it means to be human. Isn't it amazing?"

The first responds, "But surely, Joe knew you, right?"

With a gentle, patient smile, the magnificent human says gently, "No, indeed, Joe did not know me, either." And the speaker is astounded. What a strange and magical thing to be a human! To stand beside your dearest and bestest friend and not know him!

The human tells the story of her mother. But the word "mother" is not as you know it. It is a powerful, dense, amazing word. It carries with it all the subtle and powerful truths of what it really means to be a "mother." And as it passes out across the audience, they pick up the word, they examine it, they experience and savor every nuance of it. And they are astounded at the magic, the mystery, the wonder, of that word. They see all the beautiful lessons, learned at Mother's knee. They feel all the sorrows, and all the joys of this human's experience with her mother. They gasp at the strength of the human who experienced it all, they gasp in awe at the name of the newly arrived human's mother.

How prestigious this human is! How incredible this human, linked to a family such as this!

And it continues. The human tells of the Father. And the audience experiences this human's experience of having a father. And the word goes out across the crowd, and the Father is celebrated as the Mother was.

The whole family is discussed at great length, and by their full heavenly name. By the standards of your time, just your name alone takes Eons to be told.

And as the telling takes place, the listeners begin to spin faster. They grow brighter. The light spills out of the sacred place, and expands. And as the energy grows, the Universe expands. All of those in the sacred place are uplifted by your family member's story.

When at last, the telling culminates in the return to this place, the audience slowly disburses. They go back to tasks, talking excitedly about the honor they had to be there for the Telling.
And each and every one of them carries the story of the Human whose Return they attended. And that story draws others like a magnet.

One day, one of the attendees will be in a distant place. And another will see that she carries the story of a Human. And the other will rush to her, so swiftly.

"Oh, beautiful, beautiful!" he will exclaim! "Oh, you carry a Human Story!"

"Why yes," she will say with tremendous pride, "As a matter of fact, I do!"

And she will tell him the story. And as she tells him, others will hear, and they will rush to hear the story. And soon, there will be trillions upon trillions of angels there. They will listen to the glorious story of the Mother, and of the Father, and of the Brother, the Sister, the Grandchild. They will hear each name in its fullness.

As they leave, at the end of the story, they will be glowing more brightly. They will be spinning faster. Their energy will be denser and more profound. And they will carry the story with them, with deepest pride.

Others will know that they attended the Telling of one of the grandest and greatest adventures in the cosmos.

And your story will be retold, and retold, and retold. For you are dearly loved, each and every one.

For Annikate's Husband

Welcome to this sacred space, beloved.

The subject we will talk about is one near and dear to the writer's heart. It will be difficult for her, be patient.

It is a crisis in your country. Fatherhood is threatened. You know this, you feel it, you see it.

How often have you had to face criticism from other men, and women alike, for being a father? For being a man deeply, truly, madly in love with his children. For crying real tears, for feeling the pain of your children as deeply as any has ever felt it.

Oh, papa. How honored you are. How loved you are.

May we sit at your feet and gather your tears? May we wash you in our love as you weep for the family you hold as the dearest of all treasures? May we share your burden for a time? We are begging you to let us love you.

Oh, papa. How beautiful your soul. How charming your children.

How often you see mothers complimented. How often you hear their stories. How much you wish to share yours, and be heard!

Talk to me, Papa. I will listen. I will write your stories of fatherhood across the heavens. I will emblazon them upon the realms of history in such a way that they will be known throughout eons of your time, and longer.

Have you given up on leaving a legacy in the World, to be a father? Have others told you that you cannot be great, unless you can do more, be more, accomplish more?

One day, the Systine chapel will be dust. One day, the Brooklyn Bridge will fall. Legacies gone. Lost to the passage of time.

But Papa, your legacy will be written in the heavens. Your legacy will still be writ across the skies. The story of your love for your family will be a gathering place for souls. They will tell again and again the story of the humans.

And the heavens will resound with your true name.

You will be remembered, because you were willing to be forgotten.


Little fuzzy ducks. Yellow ducks, white ducks. Cute ducks, funny ducks. Do you know the creatures of which I speak? (humor)

Why would I start out talking about ducks? Are they not cute? Are they not amazing? Don't you love to watch them?

Sure, they can be useful. But they're not really here for that. They're here for you to look at. Does it seem strange to you that I would wish to surround you with beauty? That even the silly ducks are here simply for you to look at and to find JOY in?

Oh, I know how often you have cried. I know that you could fill your own duck pond with tears. I gave you to the world, beloved. To bring beauty to it.

You may think you are not beautiful, but I know you. And I know the heart and the soul that dwell within you. I made them. I created a masterpiece, if I do say so myself. It is okay for me to be arrogant, isn't it?

Do you know that, from my perspective, your heart is more fantastic than any earthly gem? That it is more beautiful than even my best creations in nature?

That the 'purple mountains majesty,' and the sublime waterfalls, even the flowers of the field, pale in comparison to the slightest reflection of your beautiful and loving soul?

Do you get weary? It is a human state, and it is honored. You are dearly loved. The angels gather around you, and they lift your heart when it is all too much for you. Their burden in carrying you when you falter is heavy, so heavy!

And they take on barely the lightest portion of your load- all together!

Can you see how grand you are? Can you see how amazing? You carry this, yet you still walk through life with hope in your heart. You still find time to sing, to love, and yes, to laugh, too.

And to see the ducks.

For Annikate's Kate (her daughter)

Oh, children, children, children!! Children, the wonderful children! Aren't they marvelous?

Dear Mommy. Oh, silly, sweet, loving mommy. Your child needs no messages. She sees me every day. She speaks to me in ways that you will never understand. She knows me well.

But for you, mommy, for you I have many messages. Some of them, you can hear, some of them, you miss. All of them are in complete love.

You have come here to ask me if your child is special. The most magical, wonderful, and peculiar thing about you humans. You ask me all the time for answers that you already have!

What you want, is your daughter's story.

There once was a little wheel. Its spokes were long and even. The wheel belonged on a horse cart, but it had fallen off, and rolled down into a ravine.

As the wheel passed a tree, the tree cried out, "What sort of tree are you?" The wheel tried to answer, but alas, the tree was already gone.

Soon, the wheel passed a bush. As it passed, the bush shouted, "What sort of bush are you?" The wheel tried to answer, but alas, again, the bush was already gone.

Before long, a rock appeared. Upon seeing the wheel, the rock begged to know, "What sort of rock are you?" The wheel again attempted to answer, but, alas, the rock had stayed behind.

The wheel hit the bottom of the ravine, and bounced along. It frightened away a bunny, who didn't stop to ask, but who wondered to itself, "What sort of predator was that?"

Time passed, and the wheel passed by a cactus. The cactus wondered, but didn't get a chance to ask, "I wonder if that cloud had any water for me? Oh dear, too late now."

Finally, the wheel emerged from the other end of the ravine. There stood the cowboy who owned the wagon from whence the wheel fell.

He knew the wheel's purpose. He knew the wheel's job. He knew how to put the wheel back where it belonged.

Would it make sense, dear one, for the cowboy to ask God, "What is this, God?"

Your child is here to love you, and to be loved by you. Isn't she perfect for her purpose?

[Kate's very special story can be found here: ]

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ah, my dear. How solemn you are! How quiet and still!

Come and dance with me! Let us play together and forget the time. Let us get lost in the woods and giggle about it. Let us dive for treasure in the waters off the coast.

Do you know the game they call "trust"? One person falls and allows the other to catch her.

Come, my love. Fall back into my arms, and I will wrap you up. I will hold you tight and smile into your fabulous eyes. You will feel safe, warm, and complete.

Fall dearest. Fall onto your bed. Lay there, and look up at the skies. Fall and let me hold you. Let me heal the wounds in your heart.

Take up the light again, beloved. Look at it. Hold it. Feel it. I know that you feel afraid, and sometimes even ashamed. It is hard to feel so very different, isn't it, dear one?

How alone you feel. Cut off from those of your past, not yet caught up to those in your future.

My dear, the sages of the past have a saying. "When one path ends, another begins, otherwise you would find everyone standing in the same place."

No one else can walk your path, beloved. No one anywhere can travel the shores of your ocean. No one can guide you when they are lost themselves.

You ARE your own wise one! There is no need to peer into the bushes, hoping for a teacher! There is no need to seek wisdom and counsel when you are the very one to whom others turn to receive it themselves!

There is one thing that they have that you lack, and only one thing. They ask you, because they know you will be right.

Trust yourself. You are fabulous.


Roses flattened inside a book. Flowers preserved as memories.

Oh, my beloved child. The treasures you save. How they comfort you, do they not? You touch them, and you feel their energy. You smile as you remember.

Did you know this is appropriate to do? Others tell you that you should not. But dear, beloved one, keep your treasures.

It is the energy, the memories that they bring to you that you treasure most.

That is why these things are given. True, some hold onto things for all the wrong reasons. These people can find peace and solace only by giving up their dependence on these objects.

But look inside your heart, dear beloved child of mine. Is it sorrow, longing, and regret that fills you, as you hold these treasures? Or is it love, joy, peace, and tenderness?

How beautiful you look, as you sit remembering. Treasuring. Oh, you are magical, my love, my dear, my darling. I sit at your feet, loving you as you celebrate the memories.

How unique you are! How rare and wonderful! Your entire being changes as you love these memories. Your entire soul lights up with beauty. It is majestic. It is like flights of doves. You swirl with beauty as you find joy in celebrating your loved one.

This is appropriate, and it is as should be done. You are loved. You are my treasure, which I pick up, and love.

As I sit at your feet and gaze at you in wonder, it is the same pleasure, the same love, the same celebratory energy that you feel as you remember.

Be at peace. You are loved.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Oh, what treasures I find on the shores of life!

What a glorious day to find you seeking me! What awe and wonder I feel as I lift you to my ear and listen to your song!

Did you know that your soul carries with it an Earthy "scent"? That when anyone comes near you, they are washed over in calm, as if they have laid down in a bed of flowers, to watch the clouds in the skies.

You bring to mind scents of flowers, and cookies, and memories of snow angels. You are a reminder of Christmas Carols, of warm chocolate drinks, of dancing with an imaginary lover.

Did you think that you were drab? Simple? My dear, you are astounding! You are memories of home! Of times gone by when we were loved! When we were children.

Did you know that we can always smell you? Even as we sleep. Even as we dream. Did you know that you ease our heart? Did you know that while our eyes may not see you, and our ears hear only the music of your voice and not your words... we always recognize your smell?

Did you know that in times gone past, when you were with us, there was so much love between us that it lit up the world?

Oh yes, it is an Earthy scent. So beautiful. Celebrated, remembered, treasured.

You are as beautiful as those memories, you are as beautiful as those thoughts. You are as beautiful as the scent you carry, which evokes memories of home. Of love. Of you.

Because if home is where the heart is, then we are always home with you. Always.


Mountains, mountains, mountains! How delightful! If I but had hands, I would clap them!
How fabulous you humans are! Your words are wonderful, it's true. Yet they are so limiting! They can only express so much, and then you take over and you use what you have! You clap, you laugh, you smile, so many ways for humans to express their joy and laughter!

And then there is that softer joy, isn't there, dear one? Oh yes, you know of what I speak. A subtle swelling up inside your heart. Building, building, growing. You know of this.

The mountains caress your soul. The Earth loves you through them. You, like others, have let the Earth gather up your tears. How she treasures every sacred drop from the eyes of the humans!

Oh, my love. Do you want to know what she does with them?

Look at the waterfalls. Do you see them? They are the countless tears of humans, roaring in love, grief, and hope. Yes, hope.

You have often wondered why the joy doesn't overwhelm you as it does others. Or why the sorrow doesn't destroy you. Why the pain can be so huge, the joy seem so quiet and small.

My dearest. My love. My daughter, my friend, my precious one. You are too many people to me, for me to list all of your names. And the writer's knowledge of languages too small to encompass the fullness of their meanings. (With all love for the dear writer)

You have seen me say it here, over and over again. You are perfect, just as you are. These things are by design. It is perfect, everything is going according to plan. Although, the last is not entirely true. Indeed, perhaps it borders on an untruth.

You see, everything is going better than even we could have imagined. Because... because of you humans. Because of YOU, precious, beloved, dearest one.

What work you do! Oh, if I could only shout! If I could only thrust you into the waterfall of MY tears of HONOR and JOY! Oh, light worker! Brilliant one! Magnificent beauty!

Ah, I am sorry. In my eagerness to name you, I am causing the writer to grow weary.

Shall I tell you why your joy is not overwhelming you? Shall I tell you why you are not drowning in it? Because it grew in you slowly. It grew in you like a mighty oak.

Day after day, quietly, it became bigger and bigger. It is vast and huge! I do not need to wash you over in it, for you are already standing in the fullness of joy and love!

To open your eyes to this truth, all you need to do is close them and spend some time with me. Ironic, isn't it?

The mountains would be a nice place, I think. How about you?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Time stands still when we are alone together, dearest one. Have you noticed?

I celebrate the time that you give to me! It is a time of wonder and beauty for me. You, my dearest, are what they call "The salt of the Earth." Did you know that proper salt will not kill everything in its path, but instead gives to life?

Have you seen the beauty of the deep parts of the oceans? There is beauty there, like you cannot imagine. Growing in the salt water. Living there. Being there. So fabulous. So spectacular!

This is you, dearest. You are salty. People let you know it, too, do they not? Continuously, with some of them. (humor) It is a favorite topic for some to notice the parts of others that they do not understand.

But oh, you are like the oceans in other ways, too. The most beautiful things grow in you! Gorgeous, wonderful thoughts, magnificent thoughts, they grow inside of you, they find their being there!

The oceans are a place of creation. And so, too, are you.

The oceans are a place of spiritual power. And so, too, are you spiritually powerful.

The oceans cleanse those who visit them. And so, too, do you.

Do you see it? Do you see how you purify the hearts of those around you? Yes, you are salty. Salt cures and cleanses. It is not always pleasant and does not always feel good to be cleared! To be cleaned!

Some resent you for it, don't they. Oh, how their anger stings! Deep down, you know, you know, you know that you are doing right, yet they hate you for it!

It is appropriate that you do this. I know that you know, but I must tell you, for your heart grows weary.

You came to do this difficult thing! You came to help these ungrateful people! My love, my love, I know it hurts you! You knew, when you agreed to do it, that it would hurt you!

How brave you are! You are such a brave soul! We all see you. We all adore you! We are here, and we know you completely. Your heart is true. You have never deviated from your purpose. You are an arrow sent out into the world, true to the mark of your purpose.

Your pain is known, you are so dearly loved. We walk beside you. We hover at your elbow, waiting for your call to help. We stand before you, and beside you, and behind you. Four square we stand, surrounding you, so that you are always with us, where-ever you go.

We do not tell you where to do, dearest, for you are the human. We offer only support, and the greatest, deepest love. A love that surrounds you every single moment.

We take great joy in having been chosen to serve you. For you are grand, mighty, and beautiful.


Oh, my dear, precious one. How narrow your focus is right now!

Are you lost in the well of despair? Is there only a barren ground in your heart right now? Dear one, does your life lie in ruins around you?

Oh, the powerful lure of living in the clouds! It is so much easier, isn't it? So many of you humans believe that we dwell there. That it is an exalted place. You believe that those beings more in touch with Spirit must fly high above the chaos of the world.

Look down, dearest. Behold. We are in the trenches with you. We are on your world, walking among you, serving you. You are to be in the world, my dearest, you are! You are not in the wrong place!

Stop looking up, it disorients you. Look again at the world around you. Look with clear, unjaded eyes. Stop searching for the negativity- for you will surely find it.

Separate the wheat from the chaff. If you were to try to live upon the rinds of life, you would sicken and die. Be like the lizard, climb out of the darkness and bask in the sun.

You let others effect you with their negativity. Be like a waterfall, dear heart, pour your love out into the world. You can change it all. Spare not a moment for negativity. It is not worth an instant of your time.

Go forth into the world and seek. There is divinity in your brother and sister humans. There is beauty there. Seek it, and you will find it.

It is as certain as the world itself.

You are so dearly loved, and your process is honored beyond your imagination.

But it is time. Time to ground yourself. Time to do that for which you came. Did you not know that you had a purpose, a reason to be here? You do. Some come simply to experience, but you did not.

You came to do, to be, to serve. To love others, to be a light upon the path.

My dear, you feel your home is in the heavens, and that is true. But you have a work to finish here first. Until you commit to it, until you genuinely ground yourself and dig into it, you cannot finish and go home.

I leave this thought with you, a thing to ponder and search your soul with. If a lamp can light the path so well, what can a star standing upon the Earth accomplish for the lost and hopeless?


A beating heart. The gentle thunder of the human race. It is all the same heartbeat. Listen to it throb. The gentle boom-boom of a beating heart sooths many people.

Go sit in nature, beloved. That is my heartbeat. The seasons are the beating of my heart. Go outside whenever you can. To change your life, you must hear my heart beat. If yours is to continue to beat, you must surround yourself with mine.

You are a frightened doe, the whole world your wolf. Be at peace, my beloved, for you are in my presence. Your meekness and your fear are not necessary, and they are not a part of you, they are merely a habit you have grown comfortable with.

Listen to your own heart as it beats. Boom. Listen to mine as the day passes into night. Boom. Listen to your heart beat as you wake in the morning. Boom. Look outside to see the sun rise. Boom. Listen to your heart beat as you love the people in your life. Boom. Watch children at play. Boom. Are you starting to feel it? Boom.

That is your heart aligning with mine. Boom. Boom. BOOM! Do you feel it beat faster? Boom. Do you feel the excitement!? Boom. Boom.

How thrilled I am to have you in this place! How I delight in your seeking!

I am outdoors, beloved. Come find me, and our hearts will beat as one!


Ah, my beautiful dreamer. Let me spend a moment to simply love you. What a magnificent mind! Oh, the wonder of who you are! Do you see us sometimes, we are all around you. We love you so.

Yes, you were told to stop seeing the angels. I remember. You didn't, did you. They would say that you learned the wrong lesson. All you learned was silence.

You watch them all around, and you have forgotten their purpose. This fear is not necessary. The angels are loving servants, dear one. They come and go to give support and solace. You watch them give to others, but you surround yourself in things that you hope will keep them away.

These techniques are useless. They cannot keep the angels away from you. It is you that keeps them away from you, because they honor your request that they do so. If you were to ask them to come to you, dear one, there is no Earthly thing that could keep them from your side in the instant that you gave them permission to wash your feet in tears of love and joy.

It is your human power that "protects" you from the angels. It is your word, your desire, which is all-powerful in keeping them out, or letting them in.

The angels are your servants. They love you. You knew this when you were a child. But others told you that angels are not real, so you had to wonder, what then, are these beings I see? If they are not angels, they must be demons.

Do you remember the day you sent them away? Do you remember how they wept? Do you remember their sorrow? Do you remember how it felt to let them love you? Do you remember, before that day, how loved and wanted you felt?

If you invite them, they will pass those useless Earthly objects as if they did not exist. And they will envelop you in that joyous love again. They stand at the perimeter, waiting, as they have all your life, for you to let them love you again.

It is only your command that keeps them from you.

You are dearly loved. Let them come back and wash you in tears of joyous love. They are your angels. They are here to serve, and to LOVE you.

But only if you let them. Because you are the human, and your word to them is divine.


The heavens resound with your name. You are known to all of us. Did you know that? Have you always felt it? When your name is spoken, we all know you.

You are brilliant like the sun. A golden and marvelous star. You are light, airy (how appropriate the name you have chosen!), and you are celestial in nature.

The sands of time pass for you, though you do not sense it. It is different for you than it is for others. Have you noticed that you can enter a project, spend eternity on it, and come out a few hours later?

Are others astounded at what you accomplish? If only they knew, how strange they would feel around you! But you think nothing of it, for it is simply who you are. It is as much a part of you as feet on another person.

You have accomplished much with this gift, and it is why you have it. You are a special and wonderful person, and you have done well with the gifts that you have been given.

They are not without their burden, however. It is the human experience that those with great gifts, carry great burdens. You are not alone, ever. We are always near you, we will never abandon you.

It is often said that one should be careful what they ask for, and great gifts are one of those things that many want. It is something that you have, and you intimately understand the weight of great gifts.

Be at peace, beloved. For there is also great honor in the heavens. The burden you bear, which hurts your heart so deeply, resounds in the heavens like a gong. It strikes to the heart of joy and sends it racing.

You are dearly loved. Your struggle, your work, is seen. You can bear this, you can do this. You are stronger than you can ever imagine or fathom. You are beautiful beyond measure.

The gift that others envy is not meant to be the reward in and of itself. It is hard work.

I know. I know.

You are known, and you are honored. Your burden is shared.


Ah, another new life. Fantastic. You are not who you used to be. You have changed. No one from those long years ago would know you. They would laugh and shake their head to see you now.

And still, the self-doubt lingers. A pattern you have fallen into. It does not suit your magnificence. It is not yours to own any longer. Let it stay, and fall away from it.

Trust me, for I love you, in ways and with a depth that you cannot imagine, guess at, or contemplate. Let yourself fall, know that everywhere around you are the hands of angels, eager, jostling to catch and nurture you.

Oh, my beloved, let the creativity flow! Stop holding it, it is not yours to keep, to hoard! I have given you a gift, a talent, set it free! Rise up, take up your creations, and share them. It is my command, it is the purpose for the gift. Those around you are waiting, you are their catalyst, your creativity is theirs. And mine.

Do not fail me. It was given before you even thought to ask. Can you guess why?

Of course you can.


Joyful one, joyful one! I celebrate you! Do you feel it? Do you feel my wonder and my appreciation?

You are so amazing. You find joy in everything. This is me you see, and you see me everywhere. What pleasure to be seen! What pleasure to be known! You give me a gift when you do this! Did you know?

Oh, you thought that this was my gift to you? You thought that it was one-sided? You thought that surely you must do something more "worthwhile"?

I love you! I am thrilled each time that you notice me! I laugh and dance in the sky when you see me and smile! It is so wonderful to feel your love, to hear you speak!

And you speak to me so often. With such love. Oh, how wonderful the love you give to me. How your heart overflows! I bask in your love, my dearest. I bathe in it like the sweetest perfume ever created.

What a gift you give to me! What marvels and wonders in your speech! What joy to hear you sing, oh, oh, my beloved, the songs! It is not the voice alone that I hear when you sing. It is your very soul that swells with musical refrain!

Your words to me, your songs to me, oh, my love! How they burst my heart with joy and love! What precious gifts! They are like stars in the heavens, a thousand times more bright.

Sing to me again, my love. You delight me.

(This requestor is anonymous)

You are so separated, dear one! You are so introspective and so inner focused!

LOOK THERE! There are worlds all around you! Everywhere! Open your eyes, dear one, and SEE! You are surrounded by worlds of beauty, worlds of bounty, why do you refuse to LOOK!?

I have laid before you the bounty of my table. I have spread at your feet the very cloth of grace and peace and joy. You walk heedlessly across the bounties I have offered you, because your eyes are turned within as if the whole of what I have provided for you does not exist!

Look out into the mirror of the world to find your beauty, beloved! You have forgotten that IT IS ALL YOU! You keep asking me for your heart, you keep asking me to show you your soul.

Well, look, dear one! Look at the bounty I have spread before you, look at the joy in your life! Your soul is reflected to you in the shadow that dances gracefully upon the wall. Your soul is laid before you like a carpet made in the Orient by the most loving and dedicated crafters. Your soul resounds in the music I have provided to give you hope, pleasure, and ease.

You have taken "seek within" too far, and you have separated yourself. You are whole, dearest, you ARE already, if you will but open your eyes and truly SEE!

Oh, how I love you! I have showered you with precious beauty. I have given you warmth and comfort and surrounded you with beautiful things. I have offered you delights and filled your whole entire world with that which mirrors your beauty back to you.

I beg of you, open your eyes and look upon me. Just look, dear one. Please, just see me.

(This requestor is anonymous)

You are such a spectacular burst of color. I love to watch you change, from red, to gold, to blue, and back again. Do these changes confuse you, and those around you? It keeps you from reaching out to others. This fear that they might see you changing colors.

You are so wise, so old. No, not that kind of old. Old and wise, too old, too fast. You feel weary, having learned so much, in so little time. You have let your joy slip away. You have poured it out between your fingers like the grains of sand on a hot beach.

I love you so much. I have been reaching out to you for so long. I don't care that you are red today, blue tomorrow, and gold again. I made you this way. I love you this way.

Everyone else has asked you to change. You are certain I will, too. You want to know how to change.

I beg of you, remain the same. Be who I made you to be. Your colors, oh, my dear, precious one, your colors! So fabulous. So magnificent. So brilliant. How they shine!

Reach for the sun! You do not need help, you do not need to wait! GO, GO NOW! Touch the skies! Stand up, let your colors shine! Rise up and reach out, and be thrilled!

Your heart is wonderful! Believe me when I say that if you will follow your joy, if you will honor and joyfully celebrate your colors, you WILL find happiness in this lifetime. So much sooner than you can imagine!

Go, my child, run free and unfettered!

(are you still here?)

(This requestor is anonymous)

The superhighway of the mind is frought with dangers. The hawk that waits to pluck you from your path. The scorpion that lurks to end your journey.

You cannot go through life with one eye closed, dear heart. Do not be afraid to see blood on your hands. The barren land that is your faith right now, that comes from what you have lost, is the dark winter of the soul.

These thoughts, these memories, these dark imaginings, they bind you. They are your prison. The blood is not of your making, dearest child. The weariness of your mind is part of the pain. The feeling of being lost is because your mind is tired.

Rest. Your children, all of them (you know of which I speak) love you. There is no blame. There is only a powerful, abiding love. Warm, compassionate, joyous.

Please find your way to the water. It will comfort you. It will protect you. It will wash the self horror away. You do not deserve it. It is time to let it go. You are dearly loved.

Be mindful of your eating. Be mindful of excess. This is a trap for you. It will make the world spin out of control.

There is love for you. There is a place for you. There is one waiting for you. Roses are red, violets are blue. It is time to let the roses go, and to welcome the violets.

Be at peace.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Your message is simple, Annikate. You're a mother, of course, what answer did you expect? Mothers are the living water of the world. Heal your Earth shakra, it is the key to the mysteries of your Exalted Station. Stop striving to be something important, and be what you already are.

If you question my words, look at your children. See the magic, the mystery, and the wonder in their eyes. Upon your back, they soar. The mighty eagle rises above the mountains, his wings powerful and magnificent. The gentle dove quietly lifts herself higher. No fanfare, no trumpets, no boastful shout. She simply rises with her children on her back, up through the coolness of the clouds, and on towards the celestial waterfall.

Full circle, she comes, the Mother, the living water of the world.

What answer did you expect, dear one? Don't ask questions you already know the answer to. (humor)


Oh, the joy in you is so powerful! How you kick up your heels, how you leap and dance! What pleasure, what joy in life you can share! Do you feel it growing, a little bud of happiness making its way up and out of the ground?

Do you know what you have to offer others? Have you found your secret yet? Do you see who you are? Beloved, you have such joy, such capacity for sheer, unadulterated PLAY!

Can you open your heart, can you embrace others? Can you let them play with you? Can you teach them to play? To dance with abandon? To laugh in the rain?

Won't you forgive the past, and allow others to love you through joining you in your joy and laughter and playing? Won't you let me in, won't you let me love you? Won't you play ball with me?

You know who I am. I am the child on the street. I am the man beside you. I am the woman crying at the counter. You know me well.

But oh, dearest broken heart, how heavy your sorrow, how deep your fear, how profound your regret. Please, let my love wash over you. Let my love encompass and surround you. Feel the pure beauty of my acceptance, my forgiveness. Welcome home.

Your home is in my heart, sweet child. Your home is in the comfort of my love.

I have always loved you. I have always walked with you. I have danced beside you. And I have knelt beside you as you wept, bowed by pain and sorrow that others cannot begin to guess.

Yes, dear broken heart. I know. I definitely know. I am here, am I familiar?

I have been at your side all of your life. I was there when you were born. I will always be here. When you die, I will be there. There hasn't been a second of your life that I wasn't there. There never will be. Not a fraction of an instant, beloved.

You are treasured beyond words.


All are worthy, dear one. Your meekness is part of your deep and abiding magnificence. You are such a gentle soul, so filled with tenderness. So sensitive that it hurts you when you see small creatures in pain.

Did you think this not a noble enough goal? Did you feel that you must help the humans? The small creatures are here to love you. They are your responsibility as humans. They are your privledge- their love your gift.

What right has anyone to say that their gift is any less valuable than another's? What pomposity and arrogance to assume that your love is wasted on the precious creatures that love the humans with selflessness and honor!

Did they tell you that there is no reward in this work? Did they scoff at your lovingness and kindness? What reward, dear loving heart, do YOU want? What reward brings YOU joy and fulfillment?

Whose life is this, anyway?


The shepherd. So disappointed to be a mere shepherd. Such a simple calling, isn't it. There is no fanfare, there is no brilliant light being beamed out into the entire world. And worse, the sheep keep running away, don't they!

Do you feel like your cup is full, but that it is full of things that have long since gone sour? Do you feel as if your time of opportunity is passed, that it has been washed away by time?Are you ready to give up?

My dear, my loved one, my precious shepherd. Your old hands are young. Reach out with them. They are still young! They are like the petals of a newly opened rosebud. They are your strength, the way and the place of your growth. Let go of your rigid ways. Come and sparkle with me. Let your light come out.

It does not need to reach the world, dear heart. It only needs to reach those that you reach! You are so certain that your calling is bigger, brighter, or better... but I have brought you to the right place already.Your gift is love. The shepherd is not a shepherd to be seen, not to be heard, not to shake the foundations of life. The Shepherd is a shepherd because he genuinely loves the sheep.

And so it is with you. I am astounded that anyone might think there is a higher calling imaginable than to love, and to be loved. Can you let go? Can you give in, and let yourself fall out into the sky, and trust me to catch you?

Can you believe that I love you as much as you love those whom you shepherd?


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