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Friday, February 23, 2007

scbegonias' husband

Many people believe that there is a grand "crossroads" in life. That this is a day where, upon arrival at it, you must make a choice. They believe that this choice is the determinant of the rest of their entire life.

But the truth is, there are countless intersections in your life. And as you move down each new road, you forge the way into your future, a future that has endless possibilities.

Within these possibilities are more possibilities. One might look around at their life and feel stuck or feel trapped. When this happens, it is nice to know that, at any time, you can choose to begin enjoying your life, within the framework that already exists.

There is a chemical that the human brain emits when it encounters new things. It's an exciting, pleasant chemical. It makes you happy, but it can also be scary. It is interesting that, despite the pleasure of this chemical, humans so easily fall into patterns of mundane tasks and complacency.

If you ever want to regain the excitement, if you ever want to feel alive again, if you want to feel free... take up a new hobby. Take up a new adventure. Meet your wife again for the first time. Take your children somewhere they've never been, and play with them.

Life is not meant to be a burden, dear one. It is meant to be joyful. It is meant to fill you to overflowing with excitement and zest. It is supposed to be all about experiencing. And aren't great feelings much better to experience?

Yes, there are responsibilities. No one wants or expects you to let them go. You know this. But within the framework of those responsibilities, there can be joy. There can be comfort and love.
That is the whole point of the family unit! To bring lessons, and love.

Teach your children about you. Teach your children to do something new. Take them skiing, take them camping, go hiking, learn to paper mache or do origami.

Find the joy right where you are. It is all I ever wanted for you.


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