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Friday, February 23, 2007


So, almost all your life, you've heard that you have healing hands, haven't you? And when you touch people, or even small animals, it appears to be true, doesn't it?

You've gone along with it. It makes sense, does it not? But it doesn't feel quite right, does it. It is not your hands, in particular, which are healing to others. It is your grand mind, and your beautiful heart.

Consider this. If you were to run your feet over them, instead of your hands, you would get the same result. Aside from the smell complaints. (humor)

Because the healing does not rest in your hands, dear one. So what does this mean to you, and to the child you carry? It means that both of you can heal others from a distance.

The power of your healing can be carried to another without you being there. The power of your healing is present where your intent is. You were born before the new energy. This is why it would not work before.

But the new energy has arrived. The doors are all opened. There is nowhere in the world that you cannot reach with simply the intention to do so...

Stand up. Pick up your gift. Go forth and let it go out into the world like a gentle dove.
Those who choose to accept it will be profoundly changed forever.

(As it happens, Victoria is pregnant- a fact unknown to me prior to the giving of the Message)


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