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Friday, February 16, 2007

(This requestor is anonymous)

Do you know, your soul reminds me of a jade figurine, or perhaps the tail of Haley's comet.

They seem like very different things, don't they. They're really not. They are both fabulously beautiful.

You see, your words cannot describe the all-encompassing beauty of the human soul.

The beauty of your soul is made up of so much more than light, color, and sound. It is made up of things profound, things that you don't even have senses to sense while you are humans.

But oh, the music of your soul, dear one! It is amazing. It is awe-inspiring. It calls to us, summons us, like the sirens of human mythology. The harps of angels cannot even grasp a tenth of the beauty and wonder of the music of your soul.

Do you feel cut off from it right now? Do you seek to reconnect to enough of that music to draw it out into the world again? Do you sit and stare hopelessly out the narrow windows, searching for the song that seems to have abandoned you?

Does it seem as if you are broken?

Dear one. You will not find inspiration indoors. You will not find inspiration keeping yourself away from others. You will not find hope or joy so long as you dedicate yourself to despair.

The world is changing, beloved. It is no longer appropriate for the artist to suffer sorrows in order to draw nearer to their talents. It is no longer necessary to hold yourself apart.

Make new soul music, beloved, dearest one. Make new, joyful, harmonious, magnificent sounds. For the world is finally ready for you. The world is finally ready to receive what you have to give. The world is finally prepared to hear and to LOVE your music.

The music of your soul, that reaches out into the void and grasps hearts, bringing them joyfully home from where they were lost.

Today is the day. Now is the time. They are ready.


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