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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Mountains, mountains, mountains! How delightful! If I but had hands, I would clap them!
How fabulous you humans are! Your words are wonderful, it's true. Yet they are so limiting! They can only express so much, and then you take over and you use what you have! You clap, you laugh, you smile, so many ways for humans to express their joy and laughter!

And then there is that softer joy, isn't there, dear one? Oh yes, you know of what I speak. A subtle swelling up inside your heart. Building, building, growing. You know of this.

The mountains caress your soul. The Earth loves you through them. You, like others, have let the Earth gather up your tears. How she treasures every sacred drop from the eyes of the humans!

Oh, my love. Do you want to know what she does with them?

Look at the waterfalls. Do you see them? They are the countless tears of humans, roaring in love, grief, and hope. Yes, hope.

You have often wondered why the joy doesn't overwhelm you as it does others. Or why the sorrow doesn't destroy you. Why the pain can be so huge, the joy seem so quiet and small.

My dearest. My love. My daughter, my friend, my precious one. You are too many people to me, for me to list all of your names. And the writer's knowledge of languages too small to encompass the fullness of their meanings. (With all love for the dear writer)

You have seen me say it here, over and over again. You are perfect, just as you are. These things are by design. It is perfect, everything is going according to plan. Although, the last is not entirely true. Indeed, perhaps it borders on an untruth.

You see, everything is going better than even we could have imagined. Because... because of you humans. Because of YOU, precious, beloved, dearest one.

What work you do! Oh, if I could only shout! If I could only thrust you into the waterfall of MY tears of HONOR and JOY! Oh, light worker! Brilliant one! Magnificent beauty!

Ah, I am sorry. In my eagerness to name you, I am causing the writer to grow weary.

Shall I tell you why your joy is not overwhelming you? Shall I tell you why you are not drowning in it? Because it grew in you slowly. It grew in you like a mighty oak.

Day after day, quietly, it became bigger and bigger. It is vast and huge! I do not need to wash you over in it, for you are already standing in the fullness of joy and love!

To open your eyes to this truth, all you need to do is close them and spend some time with me. Ironic, isn't it?

The mountains would be a nice place, I think. How about you?


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