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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The heavens resound with your name. You are known to all of us. Did you know that? Have you always felt it? When your name is spoken, we all know you.

You are brilliant like the sun. A golden and marvelous star. You are light, airy (how appropriate the name you have chosen!), and you are celestial in nature.

The sands of time pass for you, though you do not sense it. It is different for you than it is for others. Have you noticed that you can enter a project, spend eternity on it, and come out a few hours later?

Are others astounded at what you accomplish? If only they knew, how strange they would feel around you! But you think nothing of it, for it is simply who you are. It is as much a part of you as feet on another person.

You have accomplished much with this gift, and it is why you have it. You are a special and wonderful person, and you have done well with the gifts that you have been given.

They are not without their burden, however. It is the human experience that those with great gifts, carry great burdens. You are not alone, ever. We are always near you, we will never abandon you.

It is often said that one should be careful what they ask for, and great gifts are one of those things that many want. It is something that you have, and you intimately understand the weight of great gifts.

Be at peace, beloved. For there is also great honor in the heavens. The burden you bear, which hurts your heart so deeply, resounds in the heavens like a gong. It strikes to the heart of joy and sends it racing.

You are dearly loved. Your struggle, your work, is seen. You can bear this, you can do this. You are stronger than you can ever imagine or fathom. You are beautiful beyond measure.

The gift that others envy is not meant to be the reward in and of itself. It is hard work.

I know. I know.

You are known, and you are honored. Your burden is shared.


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