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Monday, February 12, 2007


All are worthy, dear one. Your meekness is part of your deep and abiding magnificence. You are such a gentle soul, so filled with tenderness. So sensitive that it hurts you when you see small creatures in pain.

Did you think this not a noble enough goal? Did you feel that you must help the humans? The small creatures are here to love you. They are your responsibility as humans. They are your privledge- their love your gift.

What right has anyone to say that their gift is any less valuable than another's? What pomposity and arrogance to assume that your love is wasted on the precious creatures that love the humans with selflessness and honor!

Did they tell you that there is no reward in this work? Did they scoff at your lovingness and kindness? What reward, dear loving heart, do YOU want? What reward brings YOU joy and fulfillment?

Whose life is this, anyway?


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