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Monday, February 12, 2007


The shepherd. So disappointed to be a mere shepherd. Such a simple calling, isn't it. There is no fanfare, there is no brilliant light being beamed out into the entire world. And worse, the sheep keep running away, don't they!

Do you feel like your cup is full, but that it is full of things that have long since gone sour? Do you feel as if your time of opportunity is passed, that it has been washed away by time?Are you ready to give up?

My dear, my loved one, my precious shepherd. Your old hands are young. Reach out with them. They are still young! They are like the petals of a newly opened rosebud. They are your strength, the way and the place of your growth. Let go of your rigid ways. Come and sparkle with me. Let your light come out.

It does not need to reach the world, dear heart. It only needs to reach those that you reach! You are so certain that your calling is bigger, brighter, or better... but I have brought you to the right place already.Your gift is love. The shepherd is not a shepherd to be seen, not to be heard, not to shake the foundations of life. The Shepherd is a shepherd because he genuinely loves the sheep.

And so it is with you. I am astounded that anyone might think there is a higher calling imaginable than to love, and to be loved. Can you let go? Can you give in, and let yourself fall out into the sky, and trust me to catch you?

Can you believe that I love you as much as you love those whom you shepherd?


Blogger Melanie said...

Oh, Amris. Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with us! This message went to a friend in great need. I know that her heart soared to read it, just as mine has reading each of your messages of love.

6:35 PM  

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