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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Joyful one, joyful one! I celebrate you! Do you feel it? Do you feel my wonder and my appreciation?

You are so amazing. You find joy in everything. This is me you see, and you see me everywhere. What pleasure to be seen! What pleasure to be known! You give me a gift when you do this! Did you know?

Oh, you thought that this was my gift to you? You thought that it was one-sided? You thought that surely you must do something more "worthwhile"?

I love you! I am thrilled each time that you notice me! I laugh and dance in the sky when you see me and smile! It is so wonderful to feel your love, to hear you speak!

And you speak to me so often. With such love. Oh, how wonderful the love you give to me. How your heart overflows! I bask in your love, my dearest. I bathe in it like the sweetest perfume ever created.

What a gift you give to me! What marvels and wonders in your speech! What joy to hear you sing, oh, oh, my beloved, the songs! It is not the voice alone that I hear when you sing. It is your very soul that swells with musical refrain!

Your words to me, your songs to me, oh, my love! How they burst my heart with joy and love! What precious gifts! They are like stars in the heavens, a thousand times more bright.

Sing to me again, my love. You delight me.


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