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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(This requestor is anonymous)

You are so separated, dear one! You are so introspective and so inner focused!

LOOK THERE! There are worlds all around you! Everywhere! Open your eyes, dear one, and SEE! You are surrounded by worlds of beauty, worlds of bounty, why do you refuse to LOOK!?

I have laid before you the bounty of my table. I have spread at your feet the very cloth of grace and peace and joy. You walk heedlessly across the bounties I have offered you, because your eyes are turned within as if the whole of what I have provided for you does not exist!

Look out into the mirror of the world to find your beauty, beloved! You have forgotten that IT IS ALL YOU! You keep asking me for your heart, you keep asking me to show you your soul.

Well, look, dear one! Look at the bounty I have spread before you, look at the joy in your life! Your soul is reflected to you in the shadow that dances gracefully upon the wall. Your soul is laid before you like a carpet made in the Orient by the most loving and dedicated crafters. Your soul resounds in the music I have provided to give you hope, pleasure, and ease.

You have taken "seek within" too far, and you have separated yourself. You are whole, dearest, you ARE already, if you will but open your eyes and truly SEE!

Oh, how I love you! I have showered you with precious beauty. I have given you warmth and comfort and surrounded you with beautiful things. I have offered you delights and filled your whole entire world with that which mirrors your beauty back to you.

I beg of you, open your eyes and look upon me. Just look, dear one. Please, just see me.


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