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Monday, February 12, 2007


Oh, the joy in you is so powerful! How you kick up your heels, how you leap and dance! What pleasure, what joy in life you can share! Do you feel it growing, a little bud of happiness making its way up and out of the ground?

Do you know what you have to offer others? Have you found your secret yet? Do you see who you are? Beloved, you have such joy, such capacity for sheer, unadulterated PLAY!

Can you open your heart, can you embrace others? Can you let them play with you? Can you teach them to play? To dance with abandon? To laugh in the rain?

Won't you forgive the past, and allow others to love you through joining you in your joy and laughter and playing? Won't you let me in, won't you let me love you? Won't you play ball with me?

You know who I am. I am the child on the street. I am the man beside you. I am the woman crying at the counter. You know me well.

But oh, dearest broken heart, how heavy your sorrow, how deep your fear, how profound your regret. Please, let my love wash over you. Let my love encompass and surround you. Feel the pure beauty of my acceptance, my forgiveness. Welcome home.

Your home is in my heart, sweet child. Your home is in the comfort of my love.

I have always loved you. I have always walked with you. I have danced beside you. And I have knelt beside you as you wept, bowed by pain and sorrow that others cannot begin to guess.

Yes, dear broken heart. I know. I definitely know. I am here, am I familiar?

I have been at your side all of your life. I was there when you were born. I will always be here. When you die, I will be there. There hasn't been a second of your life that I wasn't there. There never will be. Not a fraction of an instant, beloved.

You are treasured beyond words.


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