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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(This requestor is anonymous)

You are such a spectacular burst of color. I love to watch you change, from red, to gold, to blue, and back again. Do these changes confuse you, and those around you? It keeps you from reaching out to others. This fear that they might see you changing colors.

You are so wise, so old. No, not that kind of old. Old and wise, too old, too fast. You feel weary, having learned so much, in so little time. You have let your joy slip away. You have poured it out between your fingers like the grains of sand on a hot beach.

I love you so much. I have been reaching out to you for so long. I don't care that you are red today, blue tomorrow, and gold again. I made you this way. I love you this way.

Everyone else has asked you to change. You are certain I will, too. You want to know how to change.

I beg of you, remain the same. Be who I made you to be. Your colors, oh, my dear, precious one, your colors! So fabulous. So magnificent. So brilliant. How they shine!

Reach for the sun! You do not need help, you do not need to wait! GO, GO NOW! Touch the skies! Stand up, let your colors shine! Rise up and reach out, and be thrilled!

Your heart is wonderful! Believe me when I say that if you will follow your joy, if you will honor and joyfully celebrate your colors, you WILL find happiness in this lifetime. So much sooner than you can imagine!

Go, my child, run free and unfettered!

(are you still here?)


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