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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ah, another new life. Fantastic. You are not who you used to be. You have changed. No one from those long years ago would know you. They would laugh and shake their head to see you now.

And still, the self-doubt lingers. A pattern you have fallen into. It does not suit your magnificence. It is not yours to own any longer. Let it stay, and fall away from it.

Trust me, for I love you, in ways and with a depth that you cannot imagine, guess at, or contemplate. Let yourself fall, know that everywhere around you are the hands of angels, eager, jostling to catch and nurture you.

Oh, my beloved, let the creativity flow! Stop holding it, it is not yours to keep, to hoard! I have given you a gift, a talent, set it free! Rise up, take up your creations, and share them. It is my command, it is the purpose for the gift. Those around you are waiting, you are their catalyst, your creativity is theirs. And mine.

Do not fail me. It was given before you even thought to ask. Can you guess why?

Of course you can.


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