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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A beating heart. The gentle thunder of the human race. It is all the same heartbeat. Listen to it throb. The gentle boom-boom of a beating heart sooths many people.

Go sit in nature, beloved. That is my heartbeat. The seasons are the beating of my heart. Go outside whenever you can. To change your life, you must hear my heart beat. If yours is to continue to beat, you must surround yourself with mine.

You are a frightened doe, the whole world your wolf. Be at peace, my beloved, for you are in my presence. Your meekness and your fear are not necessary, and they are not a part of you, they are merely a habit you have grown comfortable with.

Listen to your own heart as it beats. Boom. Listen to mine as the day passes into night. Boom. Listen to your heart beat as you wake in the morning. Boom. Look outside to see the sun rise. Boom. Listen to your heart beat as you love the people in your life. Boom. Watch children at play. Boom. Are you starting to feel it? Boom.

That is your heart aligning with mine. Boom. Boom. BOOM! Do you feel it beat faster? Boom. Do you feel the excitement!? Boom. Boom.

How thrilled I am to have you in this place! How I delight in your seeking!

I am outdoors, beloved. Come find me, and our hearts will beat as one!


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