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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Time stands still when we are alone together, dearest one. Have you noticed?

I celebrate the time that you give to me! It is a time of wonder and beauty for me. You, my dearest, are what they call "The salt of the Earth." Did you know that proper salt will not kill everything in its path, but instead gives to life?

Have you seen the beauty of the deep parts of the oceans? There is beauty there, like you cannot imagine. Growing in the salt water. Living there. Being there. So fabulous. So spectacular!

This is you, dearest. You are salty. People let you know it, too, do they not? Continuously, with some of them. (humor) It is a favorite topic for some to notice the parts of others that they do not understand.

But oh, you are like the oceans in other ways, too. The most beautiful things grow in you! Gorgeous, wonderful thoughts, magnificent thoughts, they grow inside of you, they find their being there!

The oceans are a place of creation. And so, too, are you.

The oceans are a place of spiritual power. And so, too, are you spiritually powerful.

The oceans cleanse those who visit them. And so, too, do you.

Do you see it? Do you see how you purify the hearts of those around you? Yes, you are salty. Salt cures and cleanses. It is not always pleasant and does not always feel good to be cleared! To be cleaned!

Some resent you for it, don't they. Oh, how their anger stings! Deep down, you know, you know, you know that you are doing right, yet they hate you for it!

It is appropriate that you do this. I know that you know, but I must tell you, for your heart grows weary.

You came to do this difficult thing! You came to help these ungrateful people! My love, my love, I know it hurts you! You knew, when you agreed to do it, that it would hurt you!

How brave you are! You are such a brave soul! We all see you. We all adore you! We are here, and we know you completely. Your heart is true. You have never deviated from your purpose. You are an arrow sent out into the world, true to the mark of your purpose.

Your pain is known, you are so dearly loved. We walk beside you. We hover at your elbow, waiting for your call to help. We stand before you, and beside you, and behind you. Four square we stand, surrounding you, so that you are always with us, where-ever you go.

We do not tell you where to do, dearest, for you are the human. We offer only support, and the greatest, deepest love. A love that surrounds you every single moment.

We take great joy in having been chosen to serve you. For you are grand, mighty, and beautiful.


Anonymous Caren said...

phew! I took in absolutely everything! I haven't experienced the anger so much from people... but I haven't yet really put myself out there. And maybe I'm oblivious to it! Just had a reading with Erin Pavlina... one of the things I got from her reading was that I *am* supported, and surrounded. The analogy she used was of a basketball game; I am taking the shot, but everyone around the basket, waiting for the rebound, is there to help me get it in! We're all on the same team. So that term, foursquare, made me smile! Thank you for opening yourself up to this!

7:22 AM  

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