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Friday, February 16, 2007

For Annikate's Husband

Welcome to this sacred space, beloved.

The subject we will talk about is one near and dear to the writer's heart. It will be difficult for her, be patient.

It is a crisis in your country. Fatherhood is threatened. You know this, you feel it, you see it.

How often have you had to face criticism from other men, and women alike, for being a father? For being a man deeply, truly, madly in love with his children. For crying real tears, for feeling the pain of your children as deeply as any has ever felt it.

Oh, papa. How honored you are. How loved you are.

May we sit at your feet and gather your tears? May we wash you in our love as you weep for the family you hold as the dearest of all treasures? May we share your burden for a time? We are begging you to let us love you.

Oh, papa. How beautiful your soul. How charming your children.

How often you see mothers complimented. How often you hear their stories. How much you wish to share yours, and be heard!

Talk to me, Papa. I will listen. I will write your stories of fatherhood across the heavens. I will emblazon them upon the realms of history in such a way that they will be known throughout eons of your time, and longer.

Have you given up on leaving a legacy in the World, to be a father? Have others told you that you cannot be great, unless you can do more, be more, accomplish more?

One day, the Systine chapel will be dust. One day, the Brooklyn Bridge will fall. Legacies gone. Lost to the passage of time.

But Papa, your legacy will be written in the heavens. Your legacy will still be writ across the skies. The story of your love for your family will be a gathering place for souls. They will tell again and again the story of the humans.

And the heavens will resound with your true name.

You will be remembered, because you were willing to be forgotten.


Anonymous Annikate said...

Thank you! My husband found this very validating, moving and powerful!
Yours is a true gift and we appreciate it!

4:38 PM  

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