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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ah, my dear. How solemn you are! How quiet and still!

Come and dance with me! Let us play together and forget the time. Let us get lost in the woods and giggle about it. Let us dive for treasure in the waters off the coast.

Do you know the game they call "trust"? One person falls and allows the other to catch her.

Come, my love. Fall back into my arms, and I will wrap you up. I will hold you tight and smile into your fabulous eyes. You will feel safe, warm, and complete.

Fall dearest. Fall onto your bed. Lay there, and look up at the skies. Fall and let me hold you. Let me heal the wounds in your heart.

Take up the light again, beloved. Look at it. Hold it. Feel it. I know that you feel afraid, and sometimes even ashamed. It is hard to feel so very different, isn't it, dear one?

How alone you feel. Cut off from those of your past, not yet caught up to those in your future.

My dear, the sages of the past have a saying. "When one path ends, another begins, otherwise you would find everyone standing in the same place."

No one else can walk your path, beloved. No one anywhere can travel the shores of your ocean. No one can guide you when they are lost themselves.

You ARE your own wise one! There is no need to peer into the bushes, hoping for a teacher! There is no need to seek wisdom and counsel when you are the very one to whom others turn to receive it themselves!

There is one thing that they have that you lack, and only one thing. They ask you, because they know you will be right.

Trust yourself. You are fabulous.


Anonymous Schnubbu said...

Thank you for this message. What a amazingly beautiful gift you have given me. It brought me to tears.

How right you are.

1:24 AM  

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