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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Oh, what treasures I find on the shores of life!

What a glorious day to find you seeking me! What awe and wonder I feel as I lift you to my ear and listen to your song!

Did you know that your soul carries with it an Earthy "scent"? That when anyone comes near you, they are washed over in calm, as if they have laid down in a bed of flowers, to watch the clouds in the skies.

You bring to mind scents of flowers, and cookies, and memories of snow angels. You are a reminder of Christmas Carols, of warm chocolate drinks, of dancing with an imaginary lover.

Did you think that you were drab? Simple? My dear, you are astounding! You are memories of home! Of times gone by when we were loved! When we were children.

Did you know that we can always smell you? Even as we sleep. Even as we dream. Did you know that you ease our heart? Did you know that while our eyes may not see you, and our ears hear only the music of your voice and not your words... we always recognize your smell?

Did you know that in times gone past, when you were with us, there was so much love between us that it lit up the world?

Oh yes, it is an Earthy scent. So beautiful. Celebrated, remembered, treasured.

You are as beautiful as those memories, you are as beautiful as those thoughts. You are as beautiful as the scent you carry, which evokes memories of home. Of love. Of you.

Because if home is where the heart is, then we are always home with you. Always.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for passing on that beautiful message. It's beautiful poetry and the message touches my heart.

It touches my heart because it acknowledges that I came from a spiritual, beautiful place -- something that I kind of know and feel -- but I can't talk about with other people because they probably wouldn't understand.

So thank you for understanding -- and acknowledging what I feel deep inside.

And yes, people do tell me they feel calm around me. I never really think about it -- I'm just myself -- thanks for helping me understand this as well and talking to me about it.

Happy Valentine's day to you. :)


10:23 PM  

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