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Friday, February 16, 2007


Little fuzzy ducks. Yellow ducks, white ducks. Cute ducks, funny ducks. Do you know the creatures of which I speak? (humor)

Why would I start out talking about ducks? Are they not cute? Are they not amazing? Don't you love to watch them?

Sure, they can be useful. But they're not really here for that. They're here for you to look at. Does it seem strange to you that I would wish to surround you with beauty? That even the silly ducks are here simply for you to look at and to find JOY in?

Oh, I know how often you have cried. I know that you could fill your own duck pond with tears. I gave you to the world, beloved. To bring beauty to it.

You may think you are not beautiful, but I know you. And I know the heart and the soul that dwell within you. I made them. I created a masterpiece, if I do say so myself. It is okay for me to be arrogant, isn't it?

Do you know that, from my perspective, your heart is more fantastic than any earthly gem? That it is more beautiful than even my best creations in nature?

That the 'purple mountains majesty,' and the sublime waterfalls, even the flowers of the field, pale in comparison to the slightest reflection of your beautiful and loving soul?

Do you get weary? It is a human state, and it is honored. You are dearly loved. The angels gather around you, and they lift your heart when it is all too much for you. Their burden in carrying you when you falter is heavy, so heavy!

And they take on barely the lightest portion of your load- all together!

Can you see how grand you are? Can you see how amazing? You carry this, yet you still walk through life with hope in your heart. You still find time to sing, to love, and yes, to laugh, too.

And to see the ducks.


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