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Friday, February 16, 2007

For Annikate's Kate (her daughter)

Oh, children, children, children!! Children, the wonderful children! Aren't they marvelous?

Dear Mommy. Oh, silly, sweet, loving mommy. Your child needs no messages. She sees me every day. She speaks to me in ways that you will never understand. She knows me well.

But for you, mommy, for you I have many messages. Some of them, you can hear, some of them, you miss. All of them are in complete love.

You have come here to ask me if your child is special. The most magical, wonderful, and peculiar thing about you humans. You ask me all the time for answers that you already have!

What you want, is your daughter's story.

There once was a little wheel. Its spokes were long and even. The wheel belonged on a horse cart, but it had fallen off, and rolled down into a ravine.

As the wheel passed a tree, the tree cried out, "What sort of tree are you?" The wheel tried to answer, but alas, the tree was already gone.

Soon, the wheel passed a bush. As it passed, the bush shouted, "What sort of bush are you?" The wheel tried to answer, but alas, again, the bush was already gone.

Before long, a rock appeared. Upon seeing the wheel, the rock begged to know, "What sort of rock are you?" The wheel again attempted to answer, but, alas, the rock had stayed behind.

The wheel hit the bottom of the ravine, and bounced along. It frightened away a bunny, who didn't stop to ask, but who wondered to itself, "What sort of predator was that?"

Time passed, and the wheel passed by a cactus. The cactus wondered, but didn't get a chance to ask, "I wonder if that cloud had any water for me? Oh dear, too late now."

Finally, the wheel emerged from the other end of the ravine. There stood the cowboy who owned the wagon from whence the wheel fell.

He knew the wheel's purpose. He knew the wheel's job. He knew how to put the wheel back where it belonged.

Would it make sense, dear one, for the cowboy to ask God, "What is this, God?"

Your child is here to love you, and to be loved by you. Isn't she perfect for her purpose?

[Kate's very special story can be found here: ]


Anonymous Annikate said...

Perfect message for my perfect baby!
This is near and dear to my heart and I will save this for her in her memory book so that she always has it and so she always knows that she is perfect, as is her purpose in life.


4:39 PM  

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