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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

rainbow dancer

While the writer prepares herself to hold my love for you, I wish to tell you that your name is apt, not only for where you are, but for where you've been as well.

Dear one, would you expect me to be light-hearted with you? Would you expect me to match your pleasant mood and to be joyous?

I am filled, truly, with joy at your presence. But I am also touched with profound solemnity and tender reverence. I do not wish to chase the smile away from you, but I do wish to let you know the weight, the depth, the truth of my deep, abiding love for you.

You live constantly in a light and joyous place. It is a beautiful and perfect place. You carry it with you everywhere. People see you and smile.

But you have known for a long time now that, when I see you, I do not smile. It is not what you think. There is no disapproval in me towards you. There is no desire to see you doing otherwise than you already are. You are on the right path, and you know it.

I do not smile because I revere you. I do not smile because the weight of the honor I experience when I visit with you is so powerful, so profound, so heavy, so beautiful.

Oh, beloved, you are dearly loved. So dearly, so deeply, so sincerely.

I am proud of you. I am so very proud of you. I am proud of you!

Oh, dearest, dainty and beautiful one. Your soul is as light and delicate and magnificent as the rarest butterfly.

It moves me to awe.


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