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Friday, February 23, 2007


Oh, my little modest one. When the larks sing for you, you dismiss it as fantasy. When in the presence of ones you view as grand, it is so difficult for you to speak!

You have a keen intellect. Sharp and wise. Often, those that you precieve as better than you, are, at best, your equals.

But, you hide away your brilliance. You present it to others as a dull, tarnished rendition of what truly lies beneath.

You are infinite, child. Your mind is expansive, your thoughts are wise and divine, your compassion a gentle, colorful light in the absence of all other light.

This road of humility is not your road. It has been pressed upon you, in order to see what you will do. Will you break free? Will you raise up and grasp your birthright?

Or will you remain as you are for an entire lifetime, denying the world of a magnificent gift?

If I may say so, this false humility does not suit your integrity. It is a lie. You tell others that you are small and dumb in order to appease them so that they will not feel bad to not be as grand as you.

This is dishonesty. Have you considered that?


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