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Friday, February 23, 2007

(This Requestor is anonymous)

Everything in this world is beautiful to us. We see it all differently than you do. Of course, this is no surprise to anyone. But you can start to see it as well.

The dear writer has a cat which, to other people, looks broken and distorted. The sweet cat was injured when small. One side of her face is nonfunctional. She at first could not close her distorted eye, nor can she move her ear on that side even now. When she closes her eye now, she uses the wrong lid. Others sometimes find this to be unpleasant.

Yet, the dear writer has faced literal physical danger to rescue the cat. She has brought the cat far away from its birthplace, on a long ride during which the cat was ill several times in unpleasant ways.

Why would she do this for what other people think is such an ugly thing?

The simple and short answer is, "love." This is a correct, and expected answer.

But it is more complicated than that. It is her perception with changes the cat from hideous to beautiful. People see only what they want to see. Some look at the physically perfect, and see beauty. When in fact, that person is choosing to be in a spiritually ugly place.

Now, when we look at you humans, we see you only as the potential being that you are. It is impossible for us to see anything but beauty in every single human being. It is not possible for any human, ever, to be ugly.

It is simply impossible.

What IS possible, however, is for a human to believe they are ugly. When you meet fellow humans, you present yourself to them as an ugly person. On a spiritual level, it would be impolite for them to argue with you. So, when you present yourself to them as ugly, they accept it as YOUR TRUTH.

When you realize and recognize that all I can see is your beauty, despite the presentation that you choose, you will find that you can look in the mirror and see a whole different being. When you meet other people, they will see a whole different being.

Because it is impolite to see a being who knows they are beautiful as ugly.

There are many platitudes that humans give to each other. "The beauty within is what counts," etc.

This is true, but not in the way it is taken. The beauty YOU SEE within is the beauty that counts. Not the beauty of your personality, but the beauty of your body. If you can see yourself as you REALLY are, you can be so phenomenally beautiful that you will "stop traffic," and it will be a real beauty.

From a spiritual perspective, there is no such thing as an ugly human. Your science now understands that spirituality is reality. Your science has seen that all matter is, is energy. That all energy is responsive to the human mind.

Go into the still quiet place in your mind, and see your reality. Stop going to the mirror and seeing what you have invented.

You are beautiful. It is impossible to be anything else, because you are human. One of the honored and great ones. The amazing, incredible beings who are doing a great work.

Love yourself. Admire yourself. We do.


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