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Friday, February 23, 2007

scbegonias' unborn child (in utero)

What a wonderful, amazing time to join the world!

What magnificent, incredible things you will discover! The times in which you will live will be unique in all of history. You will grow old in a time when the world will look completely different than it does now.

And you will have a grand place within it. When you are old and the life is beginning to slip away from you, you will look out the window and say, "How the world has changed. It is so beautiful. God bless the ancestors who brought us to this place in history."

The sun shining through the window will dim, and the voices of angels will welcome you home. You will tell stories of your family, you will speak of times gone by.

You will speak of prophecies, ancient and admired. Prophecies that never came to pass, because the humans excelled.

And your memories will be of an incredibly beautiful world.

The time is at hand for you to do that for which you came.

Your mother's intuition will tell her when to speak of this to you. It will be sooner than she thinks, but later than you expect it. All will be well. Today is the day.


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