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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Don't children love the Thanksgiving Parades? In fact, most children love all Parades, don't they?

Sometimes, though, there are other kinds of parades that aren't quite so pleasant.

Like the litany of angry thoughts that walk through your mind on a daily basis. Dearest, you were not meant to hurt in this manner. You were not meant to hold such sorrow.

You are a vessel of light and joy, not dark and pain.

Your thoughts are a black parade that shrouds your life in darkness and despair.

Please let your hope shine into the secret places in your mind. Those places that you don't let anyone see because you think they are part of you.

They are NOT part of you! Let me say that again. These dark places are NOT part of you! They are not part of you!

You have allowed them in. You have embraced them. Let them go. Let them fly free and unfettered, away from you and into the Sun.

Imagine them as black butterflies, which, when released, fly up into the air and transform into their true beauty. Into the creatures of light that they were meant to be from the beginning.
From the moment of your birth.

Dear one, beloved. This is not who you are. You are so much more- yet so much less. You are so much more loving- and so much less dark.

Anger has its roots in pain. Let the pain see the light, and the anger will be washed away like so much dross from the precious gold.

The pure, unblemished gold of your magnificent soul.


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