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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Being a mother can be one of the grandest adventures in the human experience. It is a special, and unique experience, as is being a father. It's okay to love being a mother, it's okay to plant your feet firmly upon the ground.

Oh, there are lofty ideals for women in your society. Run corporations, climb mountains, soar to the top of a career.

But being a mother is like living in fields of flowers. For all the loftiness of other ideals, for all the grand clamouring to be "more, bigger, better, faster, stronger," at the end of the day, everyone has to have a mother.

And what a glorious blessing it is, when the child arrives home, and is embraced. Warm, loving, accepting, the mother to the child.

Is your child's shoes the wrong brand? Does she need an Ipod™, a cellphone, and all the other trappings of modern society? Do you carry guilt for these things?

Let the shame pass away. One day, the knowledge will come to her. She will realize that you were there to meet her. To greet and love her. To catch her tears. To lift up her face and look lovingly into her eyes.

To love her, to nourish her, to nurture her, and to give her hope and teach her grace.
Sometimes, she already knows, doesn't she.

You are dearly loved for the work you are doing.


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