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Friday, February 23, 2007

(This Requestor is anonymous)

What is faith? Do you remember telling me that you have no faith? That you cannot make great things happen because your faith is small?

Dear one, you have plenty of faith! Your faith is limited only by your decision not to have it. It is like someone carrying around a bucket of water, and crying out that they are thirsty. 'If you are thirsty, then drink from the bucket of water you carry!' others will tell him.

He looks at the bucket, percieves that it is empty, and thinks the other insane. But the problem is that he does not understand what water is.

As you do not understand what faith is. Faith does not take work! It feels like joy. It feels like bliss. It feels like ecstasy. Faith and love are intertwined. If you love something, you have faith in it.

If you wish to have faith in me, love yourself.

You see, if you wish to make decisions and know the right answer, you must be in love with yourself first. All the answers must come from your intuition. The more you love yourself, the more clearly you hear your intuition.

What one is honestly saying when they cry out that they have no faith is that they don't love themselves or trust themselves enough to listen to their own intuition.

They fear they will lie to themselves. They think they lack faith, but there isn't a human who has ever existed, exists now, or will ever exist, that lacks faith.

You can lack self love, but never faith.

If you would find your faith again, begin to love yourself. For I love you. I love you beyond what your words can say, your mind can imagine, or your heart can hold.

I adore you, because you are beautiful. You are amazing. You are perfect. I look at you, and I behold a radiance that blots out the sun.

You are worthy of the greatest love of all time. You have the greatest love to give of all time. What a coincidence... (loving humor)


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