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Saturday, February 24, 2007


[This requestor has a specific desire to hear about "******"- name protected]

Sometimes, those of us in service to the humans make the decision to join you in more tangible ways. It is a great honor to walk in the world as a human. Indeed, the humans have done so much for the cosmos that you are revered here!

Remember that everything is as it should be, and nothing is as it seems to be.

Sometimes when you feel a loss, you have actually had an incredible gain. It takes time to prepare for a closer walk with God, doesn't it? When it is time to soar, as a butterfly, you must first make your appearance in the cocoon. Then, it takes time for your wings to dry.

But at last, you can burst free, winging up into the sky. Joining the other perfect, exquisite butterflies, and leaving your own mark of beauty upon the world.

There is no cauldron into which I throw broken souls. These are the souls most blessed, and most in need of love.

Do you think that you are better at loving than I am?


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