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Saturday, February 24, 2007

[This Requestor is anonymous]

How does one drive when looking only in the rearview mirror? If you would run free like the stag or the wild horse, you must be looking forward. And no, my dear, sideways like the little crab scuttling back into the water of history will not serve you, either.

There is much to be interested in, about the past. But this, my beloved, is a trap. It is a snare that holds you back from your life today.

If you would live more fully, if you would reflect joy rather than regret, your heart will soar with joy, your life will alter forever, and your heart will sing the greatest song ever heard.

The music of the past was beautiful. Poignant, powerful, magnificent. But you were made to write new music. Music that soars. Music that changes everything. Music that goes out into the world like a mighty klaxon of hope and change.

Your music will be beautiful, dear one. Your music will rise to the stars like brilliant diamonds of sound.

Write the music of your soul, not the music of souls long passed into the beyond.


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