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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Human!

The celebrating of the birth day.

Do you really understand what this is all about?

It is the day your soul leaves the ether and joins the bodily expression. It is the anniversary of the day that you become one of the Grand Ones. It is the day that everything changes.

On this day, many years ago, you came to a whole new experience. No one has ever, will ever, or can ever have the exact experiences you have in this lifetime.

In every single way, this is a one-way journey. And it all started with birth.

As you burst from your mother's womb, into the World for all to see, you looked out with new eyes. With a new perspective. From a place of tremendous, indescribable honor.

You were here. You had come to be. To be you. To be alive. To be joyful.

You are a human being all of these things. You are a human being the growth and hope of the Universe.

Of all the anniversaries, this one is the most sacred to us. This ritual of expressing joy at your arrival in this place is the most valued, because it is the one closest to Home.

You see, there are two events in your life that cause immense activity on our side. When you are born, we gather in numbers untold, to watch the mighty human descend into the layers of Being Human. We surround you as you lean into the winds of Birth. We ask you, with solemnity, dignity, and great weight, "Are you sure? Are you ready?"

And with tremendous joy, on that day, beloved, you shouted in a voice that blazed across the heavens with intensity, ecstasy, and resounding resolve, "I am ready! I am absolutely certain!"

And from the edge of the great river of life, you leaped! You rushed along the current, and the last words we ever heard from you before you arrived for your birth were, "I'm coming, dearest, beloved family, I am coming!!"

So great was the joy in those words that they washed over us in a great wave, like what your people call the tidal wave or the tsunami. And there was dancing, and there was laughter, and there was honor, and there was joy among us. We celebrated you, the brave, beautiful, magnificent human!

And the Spirits of your family were there with us, and their spirits roared with eloquent and powerful pride. They were thrilled to have been chosen by this Great, Grand, Beautiful, Prized Human Being.

The Human Being born.

One of the greatest and grandest days in all of creation. The day a Human is Being born.

The day that you were born, Beloved One.


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