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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Autistic Children [Requestor is Anonymous]

Oh, the dear ones who live in the mist between the worlds. Not fully there, not fully here. A strange paradox for parents and children alike.

It is human to seek answers to this question. This question is actually one of the great ones of your generation. Did you feel that? Did you know that? This challenge has profound meaning for you, and for the next generation.

My dear, go with the flow. Ride the currents of his needs and desires. Allow him a place of safety, a place of hope. When you talk to him, talk freely, but never speak to him or of him in his presence, as if he is anything but the spark of the divine within him.

Your words have tremendous power. When you speak to him, and you speak of him, any time that clarity is not required for clinical purposes, speak the Spiritual Truth of who and what he is. If you will do this, he will reap the rewards of your diligence. And so will you.

Remember that the child is always the harvest of the parents. If the parents have not eaten well, the child's body enters the world with that memory. If the parents have been distressed and filled with dis-ease, the child's biology remembers it. But the greatest and most powerful factor at work in every one of these beautiful children's lives is the words of those around them.

Everything can be changed if these children are told that how they are is right for them. Everything.

If you can speak to him, and of him, as often as possible as if he is perfectly fine, as if he is the spark of the divine that lives within him, then he will rise to the challenge that you offer him. To be that spark. To live that truth.

Do you know that the writer was autistic? In a time when this illness was not so widespread, she experienced it, she lived it. A forerunner of the ones of tomorrow, she was. And today, is her tomorrow. Today, these children are everywhere.

These children are so much more sensitive on every level. And they all carry gifts as grand, or greater than the one you witnessed unfolding in the writer. The difficulty that you have is watching in this time before the unfolding. In doing the daily work of reminding this little one that he is perfect, just as he is.

He is, you know.

Of course you do.

Dear, beloved caretaker. You who protect and guide these Masters of Tomorrow are among the most powerful, mighty Lightworkers on the planet. Your job is a sacred trust. In your hands is the Future. At your knee sits the Promise of Tomorrow.

Do not despair. Do not be disappointed. Do not be impatient. For the fruit of your labor will transcend everything that you can possibly imagine. Now, or ever.


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