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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dancing With Angels [Requestor Anonymous]

My dear one. You are not who you were. You are not what has happened to you. You are not the past. You are not even this Earthly name that identifies you to the other Humans.

Do you know why you waited until now to request words for you? Because today, today I speak of male energies. Today is the day when I talk of balancing genders.

Why is this important to you? You ask this because you still, despite the first thing I said to you, see yourself as what has happened to you. What a man does to you does not make you into someone else.

Dearest, beloved one. Look deep into yourself. Search for the divine spark of your Spirit. Go ahead, my Love. I will wait.

Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Find who you are, instead of what has happened to you.

It is easy to say what has happened to you. It is easy to lose who you really are, by getting caught up in where you've been, and where you're going, and how you got where you are, or how you'll get where you're going.

But this journey, dear, is not about any of that. Put your yesterdays away. Open a box, and put your yesterdays safely inside of it. Pat it lovingly. These journeys taught you, they forged you, and as such, they are deserving of a loving pat. Now, when you are done, my dearest, put the box away.

Open the next box. Inside of it, put your tomorrows. All the imaginings, all the fears of impending disaster, all the hopes for the future, into the same box. Close it. Pat it. Tape it up. Kiss it good-bye, and put the box away.

Take my hand now. Feel me lift yours to my lips. Feel the brush of my lips against the back of it, and feel my wings tremble in joy that you grant me such an honor as to be allowed to kiss your hand. Listen to the sigh of my ephemeral breath as it whispers past your cheek.

My dear, do not be afraid. You are not alone. I am always near you, and I am genuinely moved to compassion for you.

I am neither male nor female, but a melding of both. A balance. The point of the fulcrum.

It doesn't matter to me, whether you are a man, or a woman. I love you just as much. And if you will look deep into your heart, if you will find that divine spark inside of you, the Spirit of your Self, you will find there someone fantastic. Someone beautiful.

It is good to be a man. Men have many great things to offer. They are strong, and strong-willed. They are steadfast, they are genuine. When they are being true to themselves.

But my dearest one, listen to me a moment, in quiet solitude. Not all men are always true to themselves. This is true of all Humans. It is true of every human, but not always true in each moment.

And sometimes when someone is predominantly not true to their divine spark, it's easy to forget that it is there. When someone does something wretched or horrible, Humans forget, so easily, what that person is really like.

I know you. I know you in your brightest moments, and in your darkest hours. And not for one instant, not for an iota of time, did I cease to love you.

Remember this, my precious and beautiful child. The angels never forget the Divine Spark inside of you. And we love you because we know your best, your worst, and everything in between. And still, even in your darkest rage or greatest pain, we see you gleaming with a light of beauty and hope that outshines a thousand suns.

That divine spark inside of you? It's not separate. It's you. It's your true self.

It is balanced, male and female. Like me.

So come, precious and beautiful one. Sit in silence while I kiss your hand, and then stand up and dance with me.

I think perhaps a waltz, don't you?


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