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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

[Requestor is anonymous]

The scorpion's sting can be deadly, even to the human. Humans, who are many thousands of times larger than the scorpion's prey. It is the perfect example of a small creature whose influence is mighty. Indeed, many snakes are poisonous, yet even those are many thousands of times bigger than the diminutive scorpion.

Contrary to the scorpion, however, your ability to influence lives is not based upon destroying them. Indeed, if you will pick up the mantle of your true calling, and stop living in fear, dear one, you will throw light into darkness, washing it away with the mighty glow of your sunlike and beautiful personality.

You labor currently under the delusion that you are limited in strength, limited in ability. You are limited only because you accept the limits forced upon you by people in your past. "You will never amount to anything."

These words, spoken in anger, you took into your deepest heart. The words meant to hurt only because the speaker was hurting, you believed. You trusted their opinion of you, despite some part of you that screamed in protest.

This is your time, dear one. Today is the day, and now is the time. Stand up, burst out of the frames put upon you. Throw off the yoke of fear, throw off the yoke of other people's anger.

Grasp your hope with your right hand. Grasp your truth with your left hand. Let your love well up inside you! Let it expand, expand, EXPAND across the world! Let it beam out of you like a mighty sun! Let it burst forth into being, rising like the great cumulus cloud into the vast skies!

My love, many have expressed disappointment in you. In your stature, in your status in life, in every area of your being.

But oh, my dear, not I! I am so proud of you that my love for you, my pride in you, my joy at your accomplishments resounds through the heavens like a powerful and mighty gong!

Rise up, beloved! Be yourself! Be TRUE! Be!

Come on, dearest, Now is the time.

I will be with you, every step of the way. I will love you, guide you, and I will hold you in angel's wings. Be the man you are, and not the man others have made!


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