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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

[Requestor is anonymous]

There once was a cat named Little Faith. Little Faith was a beautiful cat. She was a deep, rich, beautiful black.

But Little Faith wanted to be all the colors of the rainbow. She thought that rainbows were so much more beautiful than simple black.

Little Faith was waiting at the pet store for someone to love her and take her home. But every day, another animal would get chosen, and Little Faith had to stay at the pet store.

Someone took home the pretty green snake. Someone took home the lovely orange tabby cat. Someone took home the blue parakeet.

But even though many came to look at Little Faith, not one of them took her home. Every night, in the dark and quiet pet store, Little Faith would cry, and ask God, "Why doesn't anyone love me?"

Every night, in the quiet pet store, the angels would gather around Little Faith. They would feel her soft fur. They would listen to her beautiful song as she purred. They would watch her graceful movements. And every night, ever one of them would say, "Dear Little Faith, we love you so dearly!"

And every night, Little Faith would say, "I know, but you don't count. You're angels, you're supposed to love me." The angels were very, very sad that their love didn't count to Little Faith. They cried great angel tears. Little Faith didn't notice, she was too busy crying her own tears, because she wasn't loved.

Disappointed that the cat hadn't sold, the manager of the pet store came to Little Faith's pen, and put a "Sale" sign on her. Still, person after person came and looked at the black kitty, and bought other, more colorful animals.

One day, a little boy came into the store. He was dirty and scruffy. His hair had twigs in it, and he just didn't look very good. Plus, he was obviously poor. He came straight to her cage, and he said, "Oh, how beautiful you are! I prayed and prayed for a beautiful black kitty!" He reached into her cage, and Little Faith hissed at him, and clawed his hand.

The little boy cried, and left the store. That night, Little Faith cried again, because no one loved her, still. The angels gently asked her, "What of the little boy that wanted you today?"

Little Faith said, "He doesn't count, he was dirty and poor. I'm sure he wouldn't have been a good friend."

Gently, the angels said to her, "Dear one, there is love all around you. If you will accept it, it will only increase. But you keep rejecting the love that is offered. Will you please accept the little boy's love tomorrow?"

And Little Faith agreed, tomorrow, if the little boy returned, she would accept his love.

Tomorrow came, and the little boy entered the store. When he got close to Little Faith's cage, Little Faith purred for him, her very best purr. Then, as he reached inside her cage, she rubbed her head on his hand, and did her best kitty smile for him.

The little boy bought her, and took her to his home. Little Faith heard him tell his brother and sister, "I have the most perfect kitty in the world! I don't know why, but she was on sale, can you believe it!"

The little boy brought Little Faith into his bed, and he curled up with her. He petted her, and sang to her. He loved on her until at last, he fell asleep, with his arm around her still.

All night long, Little Faith purred for him. When morning came, the little boy carried Little Faith into the kitchen, and fed her from his own dish of food, going a little hungry so that she could eat well.

All day, the little boy showed her off. He loved her, and was so proud of her. Little Faith had never felt so loved in her life.

But the family was not supposed to have pets. Their landlord came to visit. The little boy told Little Faith, "Please hide, dearest, or the landlord will take you away!" Little Faith ran and hid in the dark shadows under the bed.

When the landlord looked there, all he saw was darkness. Satisfied, the landlord left.

The little boy told Little Faith, "Oh, I'm so glad that you're a black kitty! If I had bought that ugly green snake, the landlord would have seen you! If I had bought the parakeet, the landlord would have heard you! You are so perfect!"

That night, the angels came to visit again. They asked Little Faith how she was. She said to them, "I'm so glad you are here. Thank you for loving me enough to help me accept the love of the little boy."

The angels smiled, and gave her an angel hug. "My dear little Faith. All we ever wanted for you, was for you to feel the love that is being offered to you, every minute of every day. And for you to see that you are perfect as you are!"


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