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Saturday, March 03, 2007

[This Requestor is Anonymous]

What is this place called Universe, in which we all live, move, and have our Being? And more importantly, my love, what is your place within it? Your grand design. The great purpose for which you were made?

Dearest, there is nothing for you to achieve. There is no signpost which states, "This is Home for Tasha."

My dear, there is no "Home" for the Humans on Earth. Oh, yes, indeed, Earth is a phenomenal place! It is magnificent, lovely, and beyond reproach. The Spirit which indwells it is admirable beyond what your words can contain.

But my love, trust me when I tell you, your home is on this side. It is among the Angels. To search for Home amongst the Earthly places is meaningless. It is as if you seek for whales on a mountaintop!

Please, beloved, have faith that all is as it should be. Do you remember? Have you seen me say it? There are no mistakes! You are meant to be Human. You were not a tragedy, you were not a joke.

How could you even think it!!

Of course you remember Home and long for it. Do you know the dear writer has tried not once, not twice, but three times to escape the confines of this life? She, too, felt strongly the essence, the memory, the unending tug of Home.

Dear, upon this Earth, life truly is a play. But it is a play that has not yet been written. Each and every day, each and every Human, writes the latest chapter in the evolution of the Universe. Your place on the stage, writing the play, is among the most important in the entire Universe.

Can you find the strength to continue? Can you look around you and find beauty and hope in life here? It is not that we do not want you Home, darling, dearest, most magnificent one. Oh, we do!

Just as you long for us, we long for you!

But we each have a mission. This mission was given to us by the Grand One. By the one we Serve. By the mighty angel. In fact, my dear, this angel is vast, grand, and so tremendous that we cannot find words to explain her to you.

So Mighty is she, that her full and complete name is known to everyone throughout the entire Universe. In the fullness of her Glory, she outshines the sun, outweighs the Earth, and has a beauty that is unspeakable, indescribable, overwhelming.

She bade us to follow this diminutive, small and seemingly insignificant Human. Everywhere that this Human went, we were to go. In everything this Human did, we were to support her.

When she wept, we were to gather her precious tears, the eternal and priceless currency of the cosmos.

We were to see this Human through her lifetime. To aid her, guide her, but above all else, were to Love her through the years, every moment.

If you return home, we will have failed her, this mighty one, this magnificent one, this beautiful, valiant, treasured one.

We will have failed you, Beloved.


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