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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[This Requestor is Anonymous]

The human mind is the domain of the Human. In fact, it's the most important domain you will ever have. Everything that goes on there, can be productively controlled.

The fears that hold you captive are all in your mind. You see their reflections in reality only because your mind is trained to seek them. What your mind seeks, your mind is guaranteed to find if you focus on it for years.

Turn inwards towards your mind. Control it, and teach it to work for you, to work with you. You have a grand destiny, beloved. This smallness that you create over yourself does not suit you. It is not appropriate for one such as you.

Sit in front of the sacred fires. Smoke the sacred pipe. Journey inwards by journeying outwards. If you will seek me, I will find you.

I will pour joy upon you. I will wash your face with tears of joy and renewal. I will let you swim with the fishes and know that I am there among them, as well. I will touch you with power and with joy, if you will seek according to the old ways of your people.

Find your totem animal. It will guide you to me, as is promised in the old lore.

Take back your heritage. Never hide it. Walk the sacred path.

It is time, and you are honored and beloved.


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