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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A quiet mountaintop, where the stars are so close that you could pluck them from the sky. Serene, untouched by progress, unmarred by technology.

I felt your peace that day. I felt your gentle love for me. Did you think you were alone? Dearest, you are never alone.

I watched you with great pride. I watched you with tender love and compassion. I gathered your tears, the currency of the cosmos. And I held you in my wings as you cried.

When the darkness covered the land below, when the lights came up, and the wind was chill, I was still there. I still sat with you. I still held you. I did not get tired.

And when you descended from the mountain, looking out the windows of the jeep, I ran beside you. I waved, and you smiled. I believe you felt my love for you, as you left that sacred place, didn't you?

Through all the long years since, I have never left you.

I've stood beside you in the garden. I've stood beside you at the school. I've stood beside you at the birth. I've stood beside you at your wedding. I rang the little silver bells for you, and your smile when you heard them made my heart sing with blissful joy.

I walked beside you when your heart broke. I was closer to you then, than ever before. I washed you with my love. I held your broken heart, which glittered like precious diamonds.
I gathered up all the tears that you wept, through the years, when you missed me.

I held them when you raised your hands to the heavens.

I cried with you. I loved with you. I laughed with you.

And always, I held you. Always.


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