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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Doubter

The beautiful, amazing ones who very simply do not believe [in God].

They don't come to me [God]. They look, they listen, and they believe that those who claim the Messages to be true are lying. Fraudulent. Untrustworthy.

I [God] chuckle, because they say, "Prove it to me!" but they give me [God] no chance to do so!

In this case, your dear, beloved wife has created for you, a reason to have faith. This means that you are open to accepting the truth, but hadn't done so.

No, I'm not going to send a ghost to you, nor am I going to waste either of our time on silly things like loving you. (humor)

Shall we get straight to the point? After all, that's how you like it.

You believe that you're in trouble. You look around you, at your life in pieces around you. You're drinking, you're over eating, you're hating yourself and your life.

And you want out. I know your heart. I know the secret fears you harbor. I know how close you are to the edge, and I know that you want to take your life, but don't because you love your family.

I know that you are doing what you're doing in hopes that you'll die sooner, rather than later, and not have to feel guilty for it. Isn't that kind of silly, coming from a man who tells himself that he believes that there is nothing after death? Of course, you don't believe that, it's all bravado.

So, you ask me for answers. I gave you answers. They weren't the answers you wanted.

What do you have to live for? Children. A wife. A pet- or two.

Again, though, you already know this. The problem here, dear broken heart, is that you are asking the wrong questions.

Stop asking me what you have to live for. Stop asking me how I can expect you to live with this pain. Stop asking me why it's happening to you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Ask me instead, how you can find joy in life. Ask me instead, how you can regain your hope. Ask me instead, if you are loved.

Go ahead. Ask me. I will wait.

[Bracket comments added for clarification by the writer]


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