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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ellen [Child's Message]

May I tell you a Story, dear? It's a Story about the lady who is writing this for you.

The Story is about a doggy that she was friends with. This doggy was a lovely one. She was what is called a black laborador. She was very, very loving, this beautiful doggy.

One day, the doggy got cancer. Our friend Amris (that's the Writer's name), was very sad. In fact, she was heartbroken. She begged and begged for her mommy to take the doggy to see the dog doctor, so the doggy would get better.

Every day, she asked. Every day, she was told they couldn't.

In the end, as should be expected, the doggy was allowed to die so that she would stop suffering.
Amris told god, "I will never own another dog. This hurt too much."

So, when it was time for the doggy to come back and love Amris again, God sent the doggy back as a kitty. And how Amris loved that kitty! She snuggled the kitty. She held the kitty. She petted the kitty. She looked into the pretty kitty's eyes.

And she never knew that it was her doggy, back to love her again.

Sometimes, people ask me if pets have souls. Of course pets have souls. Ask any kid, you guys know, don't you? Humans need creatures with souls to be friends with. Which of course, is obvious to you.

The souls of the pets always know their beloved, dear friends. If you will let him, your pet will come back to you. Maybe in a different way, but that soul, the dear beloved pet, loves you dearly.

You already knew that, didn't you?

You are dearly loved.


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