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Saturday, March 03, 2007


When the dogs howl in the middle of the night, it is often because they are honoring the souls of their Human friends. From the vast concrete and steel jungles of the great cities, to the praries and streams and forests, the dogs howl to remember Humans.

Those people you love who have passed away are never forgotten. And they are sometimes mourned by the most unexpected of beings. When your heart is most broken, when the mirror reflects only tears back to you, when deep heart pain seems to be the only constant in your life, remember this.

You are dearly and deeply loved. Think about it for a time. Be honest with yourself. Does it make logical sense that your dear one ceases to exist?

Your scientists now know for a fact that the basic building block of Matter is Energy.

Your scientists have always known beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is obvious, is it not, that your loved ones must go on in some fashion?

I have a question for you, and it is a very important question. There is an accepted answer already, but the accepted answer is as true as "the Earth is flat."

The question I wish for you to consider, and perhaps one day even to prove the astounding and "unbelievable" answer to is exactly this, "Which comes first, the Thought, or the electronic impulse in the brain?" and "Does the electronic impulse in the brain create thought, or does thought create the electronic impulse in the brain?"

Find the answer, dear one. And you will change everything.


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