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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Male and Female [Requestor is anonymous]

The Earth is a blend of the male, and the female. In some animal societies, the male dominates. In some, the female dominates.

Does this mean that one should always have dominion over the other, simply because it appears so in the world? Should the struggle between men and women continue, does it have a place, a purpose, a meaning?

For many thousands of years, the answer to that question was yes. Of course it has purpose and meaning. But things are changing.

Do you want to change the world? Do you want to see things be made new? Are you prepared to graduate into the next level of History?

If you would see the world change, alter forever into a better place, then it is time to set aside any need for dominion. The male should not dominate. This is true. Nor, however, should the female.

My love, in all areas of life, there is but one single way to bring harmony into being. One must acknowledge the good in male and female. One must accept that they are different, so that one can find their similarities and compliments.

Everything that seems opposite is really simply part of the whole that gives it all meaning. And within every opposite, there are compliments to its partner. This is what must be found and cultivated in order to become whole.

You can begin this process of integration. You can keep the world from crossing the boundary between male dominance and entering into female dominance.

It is your right to take up this life work. Or to set it down, and allow female dominance to emerge.

Before you decide to allow that, I ask of you only this. Ponder it with sincere attempt to see the good in Men. Think before you make the choice, and do it with deep curiousity and conviction to find the good.

Harmony will not be found while any people are oppressed, my love. Ever.

Consider this before you dedicate yourself to a life path.

This is the work that was set here for you to do. Another will take up the mantle later if you choose not to. There is no judgment in leaving the mantle for someone else. But my dearest, my love... there is no joy in doing that, either.

And oh, how I wish for you great joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction!

Consider taking up the mantle of your work. Will you, my dear one? Will you at least consider it?

You are dearly loved, and your choice is honored, no matter what you choose. Because you are loved beyond what you can imagine.


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