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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Worker [Requestor anonymous]

Hello, my dear. I am pleased to be allowed to speak with you today. You are so wise and beautiful. Did you know?

You have forged many roads in life. You have been amongst the first to go many places spiritually. Has it not been a grand journey? I have watched you with joy, with honor, and with great excitement.

But it has been lonely at times, hasn't it, my dearest?

I have always been here. I have always stood beside you. I have always walked with you. I love you.

You have brought so much knowledge to light in the world! Do you know? Do you sense our pride in you? You are a great gift to the world, and we are so happy, so honored, so glad that you have stayed here to do this difficult work.

You have had opportunities to leave. Each and every time, you have stayed. You have stood strong throughout it all. For this, there is much honor for you here.

When, at the end of your long life, you return Home and stand before us, you will be surprised to see us kneel and wash your feet. The Honored Human returns.

You, Beloved. You.


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